Choo-Choo! Clinton Portis is Back and I Think You Know What That Means

11/8/07 in NFL   |   CriticalFanatic   |   respect

Meet Choo-Choo and Dan Steinberg from the DC Sports Bog had provided you with everything you could possibly want to know about Clinton Portis' new character.

"I'm the dance instructor around here," said the character known as Choo-Choo. "You know, I taught these boys how to dance. They need a little more fun out here, like they need a couple more touchdowns."

No arguing that last point. Choo-Choo claimed to have taught Santana Moss his shimmy, Mike Sellers his flex and Antwaan Randle El his double-armed exultation.

"I'm trying to get that boy Clinton Portis, though," Choo-Choo said. "They say he's smooooth on his feet. I'm trying to teach him....I want to teach him 'The Superman.' "

"He's back," observed Jason Campbell, who was walking by the gathering with a smile. "Haven't seen that in 10 months. I'm just glad to see him back doing that, back to his normal self."

Yes, he most definitely IS back. Thank you, Clinton, we missed you while you were not being fun. Here's some fantasy advice for you: Clinton will Choo-Choo through the Eagles defense as a result. Matthew Berry, eat your heart out.

Clinton Portis is back (DC Sports Bog)
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11/8/07   |   Adam

Tear up the Eagles D is right baby. Big week this week.