Chris Johnson Continues to Struggle, Expresses Frustration

Chris Johnson expresses frustration after another miserable game

9/17/12 in NFL   |   Matthew_Shovlin   |   735 respect

Blog Photo - Chris Johnson Continues to Struggle, Expresses FrustrationChris Johnson had his second straight terrible game on Sunday, carrying the ball eight times for 17 yards. Though he was the only player to take a handoff, he didn't even lead the team in rushing - quarterback Jake Locker topped him with 21 yards on his two scrambles.

Johnson verbally expressed his frustration about this performance, and he didn't seem to be putting the blame on himself. "People need to step up and do their job," Johnson said. "They don't need to let people beat them. It don't matter who the opposing defense is, you can't let your guy beat you. You just can't give up plays. You have to make plays like they make plays."

It seemed like Johnson was talking more about his offensive teammates than he was about himself, using words like "people" and "they," rather than "we." While the coaching staff might not like Johnson saying that, he's right. Johnson has had absolutely no where to run with the ball, and he is frequently swallowed up right at the line of scrimmage. The fact that Jake Locker has struggled and his top two receivers - Kenny Britt and Nate Washington - were limited on Sunday hasn't made anything easier for the struggling offensive linemen.

The return of Britt and Washington should help spread out the defense for Johnson, and Locker, who dealt with a shoulder injury last week, will hopefully play better when he can get a full week of good practices in. However, with a raw quarterback and a struggling offensive line, it's hard to imagine Johnson putting together many games that would make him worthy of his first round fantasy draft status.

Head coach Mike Munchak stated Monday that Johnson will remain the starting running back, and while that seems fairly obvious, it's pretty crazy that he even needs to address it. Johnson, the league's most recent two thousand yard rusher, has ran the ball 19 times this season for a mere 21 yards. When backup running back Javon Ringer gets healthy from his elbow surgery, he'll likely have every chance to prove he deserves more touches than Johnson.

It's been a colossal disappoint for a player who many thought was poised for a bounce-back year.
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