Chris Johnson: I Will Surpass Dickerson's Record

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After amassing 2,006 yards on the ground in the 2009 NFL season, Chris Johnson has not been nearly as effective in the run game as his Tennessee Titans have also been relatively irrelevant when it comes down to postseason play.  However, a few down seasons does not scare Johnson away.  He came out recently saying that the reason he did not have a great year this past season was because of a depleted O-line - which i cause for concern to any running back - which only featured one starter after the dominoes fell once Center Eugene Amano fell in Preseason.
Blog Photo - Chris Johnson: I Will Surpass Dickerson's RecordWhen asked about how he think he will fare this season, Johnson simply replied that he can defeat the record Dickerson set. Especially with a healthy O-line defending him from those hard-hitting D-line on opposite side of the ball. 
“What a lot of people don’t understand, I was playing with an offensive line that only had one starter,” Johnson told Around The League on Wednesday. “I had four offensive linemen hurt. I felt like I did good with the situation I was dealt...Every running back’s goal is to break Eric Dickerson’s record,” he said. “It’s a situation where you’re working hard and you want to break 2,105. I believe I can do it.”
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