Chris Johnson trying to sell Air Jordan sneakers on Twitter for $400

Didn't Chris Johnson just get paid? So why is he selling sneakers on Twitter?

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Blog Photo - Chris Johnson trying to sell Air Jordan sneakers on Twitter for $400Chris Johnson just signed a monster contract with the Titans before this season. Then, he vastly underperformed and was extremely inconsistent, leaving the Titans to wonder if perhaps they had made a terrible idea.

There are even rumors that they'll cut him before the February 9 deadline that would give him $9M guaranteed for next season, making him an unrestricted free agent.

Maybe that's why Johnson is trying to sell $180 sneakers on Twitter for $400.

Granted, these sneakers are generally sold on the secondary market for more than their retail value. The Air Jordan "Bred" 11 caused riots and shootings when it was released back in December, and they're regularly being sold for anywhere between $250 and $350.

Johnson, however, is trying to sell them on Twitter for $400, which is a ridiculous price no matter how you slice it.

Is he short on cash? Is he nervous about possibly getting released? Or is he just another clown swept up in the sneaker game, trying to flip a pair of sneakers for a ridiculous price?
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1/21/13   |   titansfan1007

You can say Chris Johnson "under performed and was inconsistent" all you want. The fact is, he is the best player on that team and would thrive given a chance anywhere else. What is under performing and is very inconsistent is the actual Titans themselves. The team is a wreck and the coaching staff is a joke. The squad of coaches we have would not make a good CFL team let alone a NFL team. If they let him go it would be a shame and a complete joke. Finding a franchise back like CJ is 1 in a million. The Titans would not only lose games , but lose what fans they have left if they let him go.