Chris Paul crossover breaks Paul George's ankles

Paul George might want to have someone else cover Chris Paul next time

3/1/13 in NBA   |   Pat   |   5234 respect

Blog Photo - Chris Paul crossover breaks Paul George's anklesSometimes, people forget just how good Chris Paul is.

Sometimes, there are debates in which people try to entertain the idea that Chris Paul might not be the best pure point guard in the NBA.

And sometimes CP3 does things that remind us why he's still on top of his game, and shouldn't be compared to any other PGs in the game right now.

Last night against the Pacers, Paul gave us one of those moments, showing that he has some of the best handle in the NBA. He absolutely embarrassed fellow All-Star Paul George with one of the better crossover dribbles I've seen in a long time.

Next time the Pacers and Clippers match up, Paul George might want to get someone else to help him out a bit and cover CP3.

I'm not sure what George, a forward, was doing covering a point guard in the first place, but CP3 took advantage of it, breaking his ankles (almost literally) and then nailing a step-back 3-pointer.

Check out the video:

Add stuff like this to his excellent court vision, leadership, and passing skills, and there should be no doubt that Chris Paul is easily the best pure point guard in the NBA. Any debate on that? Let's hear it in the comments.
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3/2/13   |   AJ_88   |   166 respect

HE IS SO DIRTY. It's just unfair when he decides mid-play, "I'm guna clown you"

3/2/13   |   Trokspot   |   65 respect

Chris Paul is good - fact.  Very good - fact.

But you chose this clip to show us that?  Paul George has him off a switch, CP3 can't even get around him (George beats him to the baseline and cuts him off), then George looks like he steps on one of Cp3's feet which is why he fell more than anything CP3 did, then David West almost picks his pocket.  Yes, big, slow David West out on the perimeter almost picks his pocket.  

Again, I like CP3 and I agree that he is definitely one of the top pg's in the league, but this clip doesn't necessarily show that....