Chris Snyder Of Diamondbacks Goes On DL For Fractured Testicle. Is That Even Possible?

There Have Been Some Truly Brutal Injuries In Baseball This Year

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I'm not sure what's going on in baseball this year, but there have been a few injuries that almost boogle the mind.

First we had Felix Pie who got a twisted testicle, which sounded funny at first, but he wound up needing surgery on it before everything was said and done.

In addition to that, Kaz Matsui came down with a case of anal fissures, which is every bit as bad as it sounds.

Now Diamondbacks catcher Chris Snyder will be added to the list of freakish, horrible injuries of the season after he got drilled by a foul ball Monday night off the bat of Brewers player Corey Hart.

And here's the diagnosis: Snyder has a fractured testicle. Man, it hurt just typing that.

By the way, I didn't even know that was possible, since, uh, I didn't think there were any bones there (yes, I realize that sentence is ripe for jokes). But yes, it's possible. From some medical site:
Testicular rupture or fractured testis refers to a rip or tear in the tunica albuginea resulting in extrusion of the testicular contents.
I have no idea what that means, but it sounds absolutely terrible. And it also requires immediate medical attention. Which is probably why Snyder will be on the 15-day DL.

I'm just worried about what the next crazy injury is bound to be. I thought long and hard and I honestly can't think of anything worse than this. Hell, getting hit in the head with bat would be better than what's happened to Pie, Matsui and Snyder. At least you'd be unconscious.

Update: Just in case you needed to see what a broken testicle looks like, enjoy grimace as Chris Snyder takes one for for the team, so to speak.

D-Backs put Synder, Byrnes on DL [AZ Central]
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7/5/08   |   Crackersex   |   98 respect

I am glad i'm a chick!!

7/4/08   |   Michael_G   |   38146 respect

I can't imaging what this must feel brain had hard time accepting that this could happen that I went into shock when I read it..

7/3/08   |   DSTG6

I am a college baseball player, and after using a whole bunch of different protective cups I found that the NuttyBuddy is by far the best cup out there.  The cup is anatomically formed so that a direct hit, such as the one Snyder took, is displaced and is almost not felt.  When performing the typical actions of a game I forget I even have it on.

Looks like we need to get the Diamondbacks catchers the NuttyBuddy.

I ordered mine off

Oh and the names of the different size cups are pretty damn funny!

7/3/08   |   Keeter   |   92 respect

Can't make any goofy comment about this......hope everything gets better dude

7/2/08   |   Jon   |   5 respect

I believe the tunica albuginea was named for the best translation of the shrieking noise made when it is ripped or torn.

7/2/08   |   CriticalFanatic

Safe to say Chris Snyder was hoping this injury would stay on the DL