Christian Laettner's jersey sells for $119,500

Christian Laettner's jersey has sold for $119,500

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Blog Photo - Christian Laettner's jersey sells for $119,500Kentucky fans probably don't want to hear anything about this game, but Christian Laettner's most famous game-worn jersey has been sold. Yes, the one from the game when he hit his game-winner against the Wildcats.

The jersey sold for $119,500, which is the second highest selling price all-time for a jersey. A Julius Erving jersey from the Virginia Squires sold for over $190k in 2011.

In the same auction as this jersey, an even bigger item was auctioned off. Jackie Robinson's 1947 Rookie of the Year award sold for over $400k.

What do you think of these prices for famous sports memorabilia? Would you ever pay a ridiculous price like that for a jersey or an award, if you had the money?
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No! (uh, that's a nice vacation right there)

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If I had 10s of millions of dollars, I may have paid that for the Laettner jersey, I was a big fan of his in the early 90's and it's something of sentimental value from my childhood.