Christmas Wish list: What Players and Teams Want for the Holidays

Sports Christmas Wish List: Peterson Wants an MVP and Kobe Wants more Shots

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Christmas is only a few short hours away, and while we prepare to spend the next few days with our loved ones, let’s not forgot that sports stars celebrate the holidays too. So, in honor of our favorite sports figures, let’s take a look at their Christmas wish lists and see if we can convince Santa to place these gifts underneath their trees on Christmas morning.

Dec 23, 2012; Houston, TX, USA; Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson (28) paces the sidelines against the Houston Texans during the fourth quarter at Reliant Stadium. The Vikings won 23-6. Mandatory Credit: Thomas Campbell-USA TODAY Sports
Peterson's wish list: an MVP and, maybe, a comeback player of the year award too.

Adrian Peterson: An MVP
All Adrian Peterson wants for Christmas is some MVP consideration. The man is having one of the greatest seasons off all-time only a few short months after tearing his ACL. We all know that the MVP is a quarterback award, but if there was going to be a year it went to another position, shouldn’t it be this year? If Peterson can break the single-season rushing record and carry the Vikings to a playoff appearance by beating the Packers next week, then he just might get his Christmas wish.

Tom Brady: A Super Bowl without the Giants
Christmas may have come early for Tom Brady and the Patriots after the Giants were blown out by the Ravens on Sunday, and all but had their playoffs hopes crushed. Eli Manning has already stolen two Super Bowls from Mr. Brady, and who knows what Tom would do if it happened again this season. But, luckily, for the Patriots, they may finally get to play a Super Bowl that doesn’t feature their arc rivals—just as long as Brady can beat his other nemesis in the Manning family (no, not Archie) during the AFC’s side of the playoffs.
Note: Have the Mannings really stolen three Super Bowls from the ‘Golden Boy’? He must really hate that family.

Los Angeles Lakers: One game above .500
At this point in the season it seems like the Lakers have to throw every thing but the kitchen sink at their opponents to get a win. Los Angeles needed a furious fourth quarter rally and overtime to beat the Warriors over the weekend—and even after four straight wins are still one game under .500. All the Lakers really want is a winning record. Is that too much to ask from Santa?

Blog Photo - Christmas Wish list: What Players and Teams Want for the Holidays
All Jay Cutler wants for Christmas is to stay healthy and a case of cigarettes

Jay Cutler: One season without an injury
Jay Cutler is always hurt. It seems like every year he misses a stretch of the season because of a concussion or some sort of injury. Maybe what Cutler really needs for Christmas is a real offensive line. But, even if Cutler was healthy for a full season, the Bears would still probably find a way to miss the playoffs. Maybe Cutler could stay healthy if he stopped smoking so much.

Kobe Bryant: More shots

Kobe Bryant took 41 shots against the Golden State Warriors over the weekend—that was seven more shots than the rest of the starters combined. And you know Kobe went to bed dreaming about the other shots that he passed up. If we could get our hands on Kobe’s Christmas wish list the first thing on it would say is ‘more shots’. This is starting to feel like the Smush Parker 2005 season all over again.

Blog Photo - Christmas Wish list: What Players and Teams Want for the Holidays
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