Cleveland Browns Sign Trent Richardson, Brandon Weeden’s contract targeted next

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FanIQ | Sports Rumors, Gossip, Blogs, News & Discussion ForumsThe Cleveland Brown have displayed some sluggishness in finalizing their first-round signing.  However, the Cleveland Browns completed their first high profile first-round signing on the eve of the three-day training camp, with the first day exclusively assigned to rookies.
The Cleveland Brown signed No.3 pick of the 2012 drafts, Trent Richardson to a standard four-year fully guaranteed contract worth 20.5 million. The contract was finalized on a $13.3 million signing bonus and did not contain offset language, a major obstacle in most mid-tier first-round signings. The offset language protects the original team from being the sole party responsible for covering a released player’s remaining financial terms on his former contract after he has signed with a new team.
Now that Trent Richardson’s contract is out of the way the Cleveland Browns will be able to focus on No.22 Brandon Weeden as their top priority. Quarterback Brandon Weeden is projected to start for the Cleveland Browns in the opening game of the coming season. The Cleveland Browns are yet to agree on terms with Brandon Weeden who is insisting on a fully guaranteed deal. The request is unusual, considering the fully guaranteed deal is only offered to top draft picks, and many draftees before Brandon Weeden have already agreed on a three year deal which in some cases comes along with the partially guaranteed fourth-year. The league’ slotting system has already set the standards for signing draftees to contracts and unfortunately Brando Weeden’s condition is also conflict with the league policy.
Nonetheless, the Cleveland Browns will have to quickly wrap up the contract situation with Brandon Weeden considering the team will want to give him maximum time to integrate in the offense while working on the first-team during the camp; despite his relative maturity at 28-years of age.
However, the Trent Richardson signing couldn’t have been done at better time keeping in mind the Cleveland Brown’s dearth at the depth that constantly held them back last season. The Cleveland Browns took a risky move to acquire Trent Richardson ahead of the April drafts by trading three of their later draft picks to move up from the No.4 spot to No.3.
Trent Richardson will have an immediate impact on the Cleveland Brown’s depth, and the team will avoid any past mishaps such as Peyton Hillis and Montario Hardesty’s injuries last season. Additionally, Brandon Jackson’s season-ending foot injury also during the camp also put the Cleveland Browns in a bad spot.
Thus in argument, a lot more is riding on Trent Richardson to deliver this season. The Cleveland Browns have the props for a good defense, but they need Brandon Weeden at camp to provide Trent Richarson with an opportunity to pick on the offense and perfect his ball-control so that since it is the one area that needs drastic improvement.
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