Cleveland Browns change QBs more than high schools, colleges

Since 1999, Cleveland Browns have started more quarterbacks than Cleveland high school

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Blog Photo - Cleveland Browns change QBs more than high schools, collegesYou don't need statistics to tell you that the Cleveland Browns are not very good at the quarterback position, but sometimes statistics can be used for extra bonus embarrassment. Consider what one Cleveland area reporter has spent all day crunching numbers to prove -- the Cleveland Browns have more turnover at quarterback than NCAA colleges with a football program, and more quarterbacks than a prominent Cleveland high school.

This is unusual, of course, because high schools and colleges cannot retain their players for more than four years. Pro teams can retain players for the player's entire career. But playing quarterback for the Cleveland Browns is kind of like playing drums for Spinal Tap. You should not expect your tenure to last long.

The Browns have now had 20 starting quarterbacks since their return to the NFL in 1999, more than any NFL team during that same span. Patrick McManamon of ESPN reports that this is more quarterbacks than NCAA colleges have started, and more quarterbacks than St.Ignatius high school in Cleveland has started.

Blog Photo - Cleveland Browns change QBs more than high schools, collegesMcManamon begins his analysis by comparing the Browns to NCAA teams. The NCAA does not list starts among its stats, but does list Passes Thrown as a stat. "According to ESPN Stats & Information, since 1999," he writes, "Florida has had 17 players throw a pass, Alabama 16, USC 14 and Texas and Ohio State 13."

Then he compares the Browns to top local high school St. Ignatius, the alma mater of injured Browns QB Brian Hoyer. "Since 1999, Ignatius has had a total of 13 quarterbacks start games, according to Tim Hudak, a Cleveland-area native who emails a weekly wrapup on Saint Ignatius athletics,"  McManamon found. "But Hudak also notes that three of those St. Ignatius quarterbacks started this season. So from 1999 through 2012 St. Ignatius had 10 quarterbacks."

"Which means a high school team in 14 seasons will have had one half the starting quarterbacks the Browns will have had in 14 1/2" seasons, McManamon concludes.

By the way, this week's new Browns starting quarterback Jason Campbell will make his starting debut as a Brown vs. the undefeated Kansas City Chiefs and their defense allowing the fewest points of any team in the league.

Want to get away? It probably won't take long, Jason Campbell.
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