Cleveland Browns quarterback Brian Hoyer ever more determined to get his starting job

2/14/14 in NFL   |   BrianMaddock   |   1429 respect

FanIQ | Sports Rumors, Gossip, Blogs, News & Discussion ForumsMost people expect the Browns to go out and draft a starting QB. That means Brian Hoyer is even more fired up to compete for the job and win it for his own. 

Hoyer was simple in his words and said he was looking to be the starter again. He said all he was working for was for this goal and it made him even more competitive.
“My goal is to be the starting quarterback again. That’s what every day I come in here and work towards, and it’s definitely a motivation for me,” Hoyer said.
It is a trend with the quarterbacks who are selected with early draft picks that they are put in action without any delay so they can be evaluated as fast as possible and as they are central to the team, the coaches want them to get familiar with the team and want to access them firsthand so they can coordinate and train them better. Still, Hoyer is confident in his abilities and said he was not one to get bested by a rookie.
Hoyer said the reason was simple: rookies were too focused on other things such as NFL Combine and drafting to get any field on experience, something which he had extensively. He said that was the thing which would be a great asset in winning the starting job against any rookie the Browns would hire.
“Veterans have an advantage on rookies anyway ‘cause those guys — I know from my first year — you train so much for the combine, things like that, that you’re not really training for reading defenses, playing football,” Hoyer said. “You’re worried about your 40 [-yard dash], your drops, things like that. For a veteran, I’m worried about minicamp. I’m not worried about going out and running a 40. So we’ve got an advantage anyway, and there’s always going to be competition. So I’m looking forward to it.”
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