Cleveland Cavaliers Acquire Mo Williams From the Milwaukee Bucks in 3-Way Trade

Damon Jones Was Hosting a Show on ESPN When He Was Traded, and ESPN Still Couldn't Break the News First

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LeBron James is getting a little more help in Cleveland. The Cavaliers traded for PG Mo Williams from the Bucks, in a 3-way deal, also involving the Oklahoma City _________.

Here's the details of the trade:

Cavaliers get:
Mo Williams

Bucks get:

Damon Jones
Luke Ridnour
Adrian Griffin

OKC gets:
Desmond Mason
Joe Smith

Perhaps the most interesting angle of this story has nothing to do with what happens on the court. Damon Jones, who was sent from Cleveland to Milwaukee in the deal, was actually hosting a show on ESPN as the trade was finalized. And somehow, ESPN wasn't the first major news source to report the trade. Seriously... how does that happen? After Jay Glazer beat them on the Favre trade, some blog beat them to the punch on Ocho Cinco wanting to change his name, and now this, ESPN is losing their edge, big-time. Apparently TitleTown wore them all out.

But back to the trade...

25-year old Mo Williams was the centerpiece of the deal, averaging 17 points and 6+ assists over the past 2 years for the Bucks. Williams gives the Cavs another scoring option beyond LeBron and Daniel Gibson, and might be what the Cavs need to propel them past the Celtics, who beat them in 7 games in last year's Eastern Conference semifinals.

How will Williams improve the Cavaliers?
Will former Oklahoma State star Desmond Mason once again be a fan favorite in Oklahoma?
Can Ridnour, Griffin and Jones help the Bucks?

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8/14/08   |   kantwistaye   |   4219 respect

Great trade for the Cavs.  Mo Williams is Chauncey Billups, just much younger and cheaper.  He isn't a pure point guard, but with LeBron there the Cavs don't really need one.

8/14/08   |   Raven73   |   103 respect

Seriously, it's ESPN! Has anyone sent them a memo re: Their apparent fall from grace? Oh, never mind