Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert admits times are now the hardest for the Cavaliers

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FanIQ | Sports Rumors, Gossip, Blogs, News & Discussion ForumsDan Gilbert became the majority owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers back in 2005 when he purchased majority of it. But the times have been hard ever since and it seems the moment he purchased Cavaliers they were already on a path of self destruction. Since that, there have been less good news and more about how the Cavaliers have been losing games and the lack of coaching skill, management and mediocre talent in the franchise.
Gilbert himself admitted that the times were now the hardest to be the co-owner of Cavaliers and it was no easy task to see all the talent and potential going to waste. The score the team has is none better, with 16-33. This prompted Gilbert to make the decision of firing General Manager Chris Grant as he failed to deliver according to expectations. This has to be a low point as it shows the Cavaliers are now desperate to change anything they can to get better results in the team. It also points Gilbert is frustrated with how things are running.
Gilbert said this was the hardest time to be the franchise owner in all the time he had been.
"This is the most challenging time in almost nine years we've owned this franchise," Gilbert said on Thursday. "We are not happy, no one's happy."
Gilbert justified his reasons for firing Grant, saying things were starting to get stale at Cavaliers and the way he thought, they were in dire need of refreshing how things were running and the way players were being managed. Gilbert did add he was fully satisfied with the team Grant had put together as it showed promise, even though they have a long way to go. He also said his coach Mike Brown was doing just fine.
"This coaching staff and this team can succeed," Gilbert said. "There's no reason why they can't. Obviously there's challenges, we've all seen. I believe in them. I believe these players and this coaching staff can figure it out with a positive outcome."
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