Clippers Compare Players To Super Heroes After The Lakers

Clippers Try to be the Lakers and Fail

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Blog Photo - Clippers Compare Players To Super Heroes After The Lakers The Los Angeles Clippers beat the Lakers, and are a serious contender in the Western Conference. They're still vying for the title of LA's top team though.

Part of the reason they aren't LA's team is that they aren't creative!

The Lakers were recently pictured as different superheros on the cover of Sports Illustrated Kids, so what do the Clippers do? They post this on their website:

“In part one of a five-part series comparing the Clippers starting five to the Avengers team of superheroes, the daring-do of Chris Paul is held in esteem to Steve Rogers, aka Captain America.”

It goes on to detail why Paul is like Captain America, like his will to win, ability to lead and old-fashioned play, but that's beside the point.

This is a team that is striving to separate themselves from their big brother Lakers. They're not even cross-town rivals since they share a stadium, and when the Clippers play home games, they're surrounded by Lakers banners.

This team is in desperate need of an identity within the city other than the mediocre team, whose ownership has suddenly decided to try and win games.

Granted, the Lakers just had one cover on SI, but the point is that the concept has now been done, about a week ago. The Clippers had a good thing going with Lob City, but they need to continue to think out of the box to win over LA fans and keep their other fans engaged, not just play off of what's been done.

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