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Coach Cesare Prandelli admits Italy will have to “take risks” against Germany

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Blog Photo - Coach Cesare Prandelli admits Italy will have to “take risks” against Germany
If Italy wants to defeat Germany, the Azzurri will have to “take risks”. The Italy coach Cesare Prandelli accepted this ideology in an interview at the team’s base camp yesterday.
Italy has so far proven that it has talented forwards and a midfield that can control possession and spark creativity. Italy’s defense has always been impressive, a fact that has been proven at Euro 2012 once again.
However, Cesare Prandelli believes his side will have to “take risks” in order to defeat Germany in the Euro 2012 semifinal on Thursday.
“We have to take risks and not defend in our penalty area,” Cesare Prandelli said. “I'd prefer it if they (Germany) scored on the counter-attack than have us defend constantly for 20 minutes.”
Italy defeated England 4-2 on penalties on Sunday to qualify for the semifinal against Germany in Warsaw. Cesare Prandelli wants to deploy the same tactics he used against England but he wants to avoid another penalty shootout. This means the Italian manager will increase the fire power in his squad.
Cesare Prandelli is aware of the defensive problems his side faced in the group stages of Euro 2012. Cesare Prandelli told reporters that he would probably add a couple of attacking options to his team but will once again concentrate on defending against Germany.
“I'll keep a pebble in my shoe so I remember,” Cesare Prandelli said.
Cesare Prandelli is aware of the depth Germany has in their squad. Cesare Prandelli admitted he was wary of coach Joachim Loew changing the German front line like he did in the quarterfinal encounter against Greece.
“We also know how to tackle,” Cesare Prandelli said confidently whilst showing support in his defense.
Germany’s unique tactics have proved to be very hard to break. Joachim Loew deploys a single striker with wide midfielders and wingers. Germany’s full backs also join in the attack. This means Italy will be bombarded with attacks from the midfield and the wings if the Azzurri lose possession of the ball.
Italy will have to increase the quality of their game in the middle of the park and that can only happen by giving the midfielders extra responsibility.
The match between Germany and Italy sparks great rivalry. The two teams have faced each other in hotly contested encounters over the last couple of decades. It appears as if another fiery episode from this saga will be released in the Euro 2012 semifinal on Wednesday.
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