Coach Ditka is Chicago Football

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Coach Mike Ditka had a "minor stroke" this past week in Chicago. Don't go anywhere, Coach. We need you. Chicago needs you. No one embodies Chicago football more than Coach Ditka.  He is tough, hard-nosed, stubborn, funny, straight forward, says it like it is-even when it hurts. He loves Chicago and loves his football. Every time I watch Coach on TV covering the NFL, I feel like all the players and Coaches around the league are listening. The man is the consummate Coach.

For Bears fans, Mike Ditka is a living legend. He is the only person who was part of the last 2 Bears championships: 1963 as a player, and 1985 as the Coach. Or Da Coach as the case may be. He is also only one of two men to win a NFL Championship as a player, Assistant Coach and Head Coach. Ditka won as an Assistant Coach with the Dallas Cowboys. Now, I know the Coach played for other teams besides the Bears; the Eagles 1967-1968 and the Cowboys 1969-1972 and he also coached for the Cowboys and the New Orleans Saints. But really? He was always a Chicago guy. He has always been our Coach. Ever since he arrived in 1982.

Coach Ditka has his restaurant, aptly named Ditka's, in Chicago and is co-owner of the Chicago Rush, Chicago's arena football team. Ditka is not only covers the NFL nationally, he also does a weekly spot on a local radio sports show. He never fails to entertain and still be informative. You still get the impression if push came to shove, he could take most guys in a room at any given time. Friends who have run into Coach around town have found him friendly and happy to pose for a photo.

I have always seen Coach Ditka as an untouchable. Strong, tough, hard nosed-his stroke, while minor, still has me concerned. We need you Coach. Chicago football would not be the same without you. Get well soon.
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