Coach Klinsmann laments over lack of work for US players in Europe

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Blog Photo - Coach Klinsmann laments over lack of work for US players in Europe
United States coach Jurgen Klinsmann claims his men are finding it hard to find action in Europe. Klinsmann urged the United States national team players to test their mettle in Europe, but the task has proven to be easier said than done. Klinsmann revealed that most of the players from his squad were facing trouble finding an opportunity.
The latest United States player to be culled from Europe was AS Roma’s Michael Bradley, who will now be playing for Major League Soccer’s franchise Toronto FC. In an interview to ESPN, Klinsmann revealed that finding work in Europe had become a difficult task for his men.
“There is no demand. It means for us we have to work even harder -- players like Graham Zusi, Matt Besler or Omar Gonzalez -- they have to work harder to get the opportunity to be in that picture with teams in Europe for a short period of time and maybe later on for a long period of time. It is just a sign of reality. The demand is not there,” Klinsmann said.
Klinsmann further revealed that he conversed with a couple of European coaches about the possibility of having more US players in Europe. Klinsmann said that his statements were well received and there was a general appraisal towards the increase of talent in the MLS. Klinsmann also reported an image of a brighter future of football in the United States. However, much more needs to be done in order to build confidence in Europe.
“That is why they are not calling them in for short-term loans or offering them contracts yet,” Klinsmann told Bennett. “They want to see first do they really kind of prove it on an international stage first for a longer period of time. We have proved it pretty well now for the last two year. But the World Cup is now your showcase. It is where if you are an MLS-based player and you want to make it to a big shot overseas one day you got to prove it now.”
Klinsmann admits that the MLS cannot offer the same quality of football that is persistent in Europe. Klinsmann insists more US players should be playing in Europe in order to benefit and adapt to superior style of playing. 
“It is a very, very tricky situation that players face right now,” Klinsmann told ESPNFC in an interview on Thursday. “You want them to play in the best clubs in best leagues in the world and obviously MLS is not there yet.
“MLS is trying badly to improve quality of soccer year by year. When a player decides to come back from your Europe because offer is just so exceptionally good that he wants to combine other things with it and help also the league to grow, as a national team coach you accept that and help the player to make the best out of it.”
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