Coach Lovie

7/28/12 in NFL   |   usbp_1999   |   110 respect

Okay all of you fanatic BEAR fans. A new year is here. We finally got Matt signed, everybody is in place. I see a really good season coming. Now lets stop the bashing coach Lovie. He is a danm good coach, if mgmt stay out of the way, which is hard for them.
They must understand ,they are not Jerry Jones or Al Davis that was and still is always in the way of the coaches. Well Jerry still is. I live in Texas, and you would be surprised how many Bear fans live in San Antonio . MANY !
Let me throw this out there while I`m at it. One thing Chicago has never done,is go after a really good quarterback. Always RB,LB,DE,
Now Donavon McNabb is available. He still have good years in him. Why has mgmt not sought him out as a good backup for Jay ? I would bet he could beat Jay out of the starting slot.

I think Lovie has shown ,he can run this team. Remember history was not that far back when there were 2 black coaches in the super bowl. Unforcinatly one had to lose, and it was Lovie. That being said, I have been a bear fan since my dad took me to my first game at Soldier Field, and boy was it cold, but we didn`t live far from the field (Hyde Park). Been my team since, good or bad they will always be DA BEARS. And yes they will get back to the BIG GAME one day, it could be this year.

Lets keep the faith GO BEARS !!!!!!
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