Coach Mike Krzyzewski speaks out against storming the court after Virginia upsets Duke

Coach K is tired of fans storming the court after every Duke loss

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Feb 21, 2013; Blacksburg, VA, USA; Duke Blue Devils head coach Mike Krzyzewski on the sidelines during the game against the Virginia Tech Hokies at Cassell Coliseum. Mandatory Credit: Peter Casey-USA TODAY SportsIf there's anyone who knows about storming the court, it's Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski. Damn near every time Duke loses, the opposing team's fans storm the court.

It has happened 4 times this year, once in each of Duke's losses.

The most recent one was last night, when Virginia beat the Blue Devils 73-68.

Elated Virginia fans stormed the court after the game, despite the fact that it technically wasn't even an upset. Sure, Duke was the higher ranked team, but Vegas odds had Virginia favored by a point before the game.

Coach K's main beef was with the fact that his team wasn't allowed to get off the court before the fans took over.

"When we've lost in the last 20 years, everybody rushes the court. Whatever you're doing, you need to get the team off first. Celebrate, have fun, obviously you won. That's cool, but just get our team off the court and our coaching staff before students come on."

He's not necessarily saying that fans shouldn't be allowed to storm the floor after a big win. Just let the players get off the court, so you make sure nothing happens.

With thousands of fans rushing the floor, running by a dozen or so people from a rival school, literally anything can happen, and Coach K knows that. Not only that... if anything happens between players and fans, the players will be the ones held accountable every time.

"Look, do you know how close you are to -- just put yourself in the position of one of our players or coaches.  I'm not saying any fan did this, but the potential is there all the time for a fan to just go up to you and say, 'Coach you're a [expletive],' or push you or hit you. And what do you do? What if you did something? That would be the story. We deserve that type of protection. I'm always concerned about stuff like that, especially at this time of the year. What if that happened and we get a kid suspended? That becomes the national story. It's not all fun and games when people are rushing the court, especially for the team that lost. Again, congratulations to them, and they should have fun and burn benches and do all that stuff. I'm all for that. They have a great school, great kids, but get us off the court. That's the bottom line."

He raises a valid point.

If a fan hits one of the players, or does something that could potentially injure someone on the visiting team, there's really nothing that the players could do without risking suspension or possibly worse.

It's a safety issue, and teams need to be able to get their players off the court safely. If you must storm the floor, go ahead. But safety should be the top priority, and that's being lost amid the chaos, when fans just storm the court before the players get a chance to leave.
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3/6/13   |   orangemen90   |   5785 respect

well watching my alma mater play their last home game of the year. should the fans storm the court win or lose for that college input and feeling...?????

3/5/13   |   orangemen90   |   5785 respect

There should be none. What would happen if Duke fans rushed the court after every home win. What would happen if 30k Syracuse fans rushed the court after a home win..

This exercise has run its course,,,Time to move on...

3/1/13   |   MortonsLaw   |   156 respect

While I feel storming the court is overdone and dangerous, albeit Virginia was a vegas adds on favorite, that win for UVA essentially punched their ticket into the NCAA tournament. I can't believe the ACC is likely to get 5 teams--WOW!

3/1/13   |   jjh8857   |   344 respect

Storming the court or rushing the field is more dumb than playing fantasy sports or Harlem Shake videos combined.

3/1/13   |   Trokspot   |   65 respect

Dan Dakich was interviewed today on Mike and Mike I believe...

He was in a situation at Bowling Green where his own home fans stormed the court after a huge win and accidentally injured their star player - torn ACL.  According to Dakich, he was a legit NBA talent (but never played after that) and his Bowling Green team was a mid-major that he thought had a legit shot to go to the sweet 16.  Dakich also said that he felt that brough on the end of his tenure at Bowling Green.  Talk about changing lives...

Interestingly, Dakich's view is that "stuff happens" and so he still wants the court storming to happen...

3/1/13   |   Dan_B   |   1067 respect

Coach K does have a point. When Stanford beat Arizona in 2004 (Miracle at Maples -- Nick Robinson heaved one it from 1/3 of the court at the buzzer to win; video below) Jim Plunkett's wife, who sits in the first row with Plunkett, had to to be hospitalized. Now Plunkett and his wife leave every Stanford game during the under-4-minute timeout in the second half. Even worse, on that SAME day, Stanford basketball and volleyball recruit Joe Kay was trampled after hitting a game-winning shot in a HS game. He was injured so badly that he never played either sport again (he also couldn't speak for a while). 

3/1/13   |   Scott   |   54649 respect

Normally, I would agree that rushing the court could cause some problems between players and fans but at the end of last night's game, there was none of that.  Immediately after the final horn, a host of security guards ran onto the court by the scorers table and formed a line 20 wide between the fans celebrating in the middle of the court and the Duke players shaking hands with the Virginia coaching staff.  

If Coach K would've handled leaving the court in a timely manner like other teams do when the court gets rushed instead of standing around hurling F-Bombs and other obscenities at fans, this story would've even be an issue

3/1/13   |   Trokspot   |   65 respect

I agree. It would definitely be put on the player as being the bad guy or the one responsible if something happened even there were a group of fans screaming and taunting or maybe even bumping into them.  Get the opposing team safely away and then go to town. I agree with Coach K.