Colin Kaepernick and Russell Wilson bet shaved eyebrows over game

Kaepernick and Russell Wilson make eyebrow-shaving bet, Internet debates its authenticity

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Blog Photo - Colin Kapernick and Russell Wilson bet shaved eyebrowesFans of the San Francisco 49ers and Seattle Seahawks are browbeating themselves over an alleged bet between the teams' superstar sophomore quarterbacks. In a just-released  web ad for the "Madden 25" football video game, Colin Kaepernick and Russell Wilson are seen making a "loser shaves off one eyebrow" bet over this week's real-life Seahawks-49ers Sunday Night Football game at CenturyLink Field.

It is widely being reported as fact that the two quarterbacks have actually made this bet in reality. I'm not so sure -- it looks like just a "Madden" ad. In a world in which the "Worst Twerk Fail EVER" video turned out to be a Jimmy Kimmel hoax, I just don't know what I can believe anymore.

Decide for yourself whether this bet is real. "The Wager" video ad for "Madden 25" with Russell Wilson and Colin Kaepernick can be seen below.

Blog Photo - Colin Kapernick and Russell Wilson bet shaved eyebrowesFor kicks, USA Today did the Photoshop of each player post-eyebrow-shave seen at left.

Several media outlets are reporting the bet depicted in this ad as legitimate. CBS Sports, the Sporting News and the San Francisco Chronicle have all reported as fact that the loser of Sunday night's game has agreed to shave an eyebrow.

TMZ took it a step further, using nothing but the fact that the two shook hands in a video game advertisement to run the headline "Colin Kaepernick -- I'M NO AARON RODGERS ... QB Makes Bet, Promises to Keep It" Kaepernick, however, made no statement to TMZ or anyone on this matter, and the "I'm no Aaron Rogers" quote is merely pulled from some TMZ reporter's ass.

I suspect this "wager" is complete baloney. Notice how the end of the video blares the onscreen message "See who loses an eyebrow after Sunday's game".

I will bet you a Brazilian eyebrow waxing that EA Sports has simply shot two separate advertisements to air on NBC after the conclusion of Sunday night's game. These spots will indeed feature Wilson and Kaepernick, but were probably shot weeks before training camp even opened. Much like the Reebok "Perfectville" Super Bowl commercial from 2008, NBC will air a certain version of the ad based on which team won the game. And the only eyebrow shaving you see will be the clever flesh-colored foundation work of somebody in the make-up department.

Or do I have it wrong? Do you think this bet is legit? Cut loose with your theories in the comments section below.
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As a Seahawks fan, I cannot confirm nor deny the accuracy of this bet. Russell Wilson hasn't said a word about it.