College Football 2012: NCAA to Crack Down on Violations

NCAA to Crack Down on Violations

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INDIANAPOLIS — The NCAA passed a package of sweeping changes today, intended to crack down hard on rule-breaking schools and coaches.Blog Photo - College Football 2012: NCAA to Crack Down on Violations

Under the new legislation, approved by the 13-member board of directors, programs that commit the most egregious infractions could face postseason bans of two to four years and fines stretching into the millions, while coaches could face suspensions of up to one year for violations committed by their staffs. The board also approved measures to expand the penalty structure from two tiers to four, create new penalty guidelines and speed up the litigation process. 

The vote ends a movement that started in August 2011, during one of the most scandalous years in college sports history. NCAA president Mark Emmert was so concerned that he asked dozens of university leaders to join him at a presidential retreat in Indianapolis. 

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