College Football 2014: It's Time to Get Rid of Conference Bias

No More Conference Bias, Please

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The BCS is over, along with the Southeastern Conference’s seven-year title reign over college football with Florida State defeating Auburn in the 2014 BCS National Championship. Blog Photo - College Football 2014: It's Time to Get Rid of Conference Bias

The new college football playoff is right around the corner, but will it put an end to all the conference bias? I sure hope so.

I’ve had countless arguments with my friend the past few years about the SEC's dominance in college football. It won the national championship seven years in a row, and whether you’re a fan of the conference or not, that’s extremely impressive.

But let’s be honest with each other -- it’s not like it was the entire conference was winning these championships.

This dominance was led by two coaches: Nick Saban (Alabama) and Urban Meyer (Florida), who have account for five of the title rings. You can throw in Les Miles, too, when LSU won one in 2007. I could also include Gene Chizik, but I’d rather just give the credit to Cam Newton for Auburn’s run three years ago.

The conferences as a whole has been great but let’s not get crazy. Four teams out of 14 were responsible for those championships.

College football these days comes down to quarterback play and coaching. Just look at what Texas A&M and Missouri have done since joining the SEC.

The Aggies were led by the Heisman-winning quarterback Johnny Manziel last year and finished as a Top-10 team in their first season in the SEC. This year, Missouri and the outstanding quarterbacking by James Franklin and Maty Mauk helped lead the Tigers to a conference championship appearance.

These players don’t play for other teams in their conferences, they play for themselves. Alabama doesn’t want to win its bowl game so Kentucky fans can hang on their coat tails chanting “SEC!”

And as far as basing which conference is stronger due to who wins a bowl game is a little much. Oklahoma beat Alabama 45-31 in the Sugar Bowl this year. Do you mean to tell me that the Sooners were better than Alabama all season long? Anyone can beat anyone on any given day or night. That’s the beauty of sports.

Michigan State beat Stanford in the Rose Bowl, 24-20. Does that mean the Big Ten Conference is better than the Pac-12 Conference?

Better yet, who cares? Michigan State beat Stanford and that’s that.

For the record, the SEC went 7-3 in bowl games this year. The Atlantic Coastal Conference went 5-6, but won the one that mattered. Unfortunately for the ACC, Florida State is the only member that will get that national championship trophy this season.

Maybe this four-team playoff will begin to diminish conference bias and focus on great teams being great teams, no matter which conference they’re from.

So please, let us all judge these teams by their body of work rather than what conference they’re from. As we’ve learned from these bowl games, anyone can beat anyone.

If a team is from the SEC, Big Ten, Pac-12, Big-12, ACC, Conference USA, or even the American Athletic, I’ll be putting my money on the team with the quarterback.
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