College Football: FCS Wants to Change Its Name Again

The FCS Wants Another Name Change

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The Football Championship Subdivision (FCS), formerly known as Division I-AA, is once again attempting to change its name in order to gain national respect and recognition.

"Quite frankly, our level of football continues to have an identity crisis," said Patty Viverito, commissioner of the Missouri Valley Football Conference, according to the Associated Press.Blog Photo - College Football: FCS Wants to Change Its Name Again

In 2006, the Division I-A league was given the title of Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS), with I-AA taking the FCS name. This allowed there to be 120 FBS teams, which play in bowl games and are allowed 85 scholarship players, while the 122 FCS schools decide a champion through a 20-team playoff format and are limited to 63 scholarship players.

But this isn't good enough for FCS representatives.

"To be honest, Football Championship Subdivision is a mouthful, and it doesn't make the case for our Division I stature really much better than the I-AA moniker did," Viverito said. "We've tried to fix this for years. It's a dilemma."

While debates begin to heat up about the change of name and expanded playoff formatting (from 20 to 24), I'll kick back and wonder, 'who is really going to care?'

Not to sound like a pessimist or to demoralize the FCS (because there is some great talent in lower level football), but it's not like a clever switch of words will get it national acknowledgement.

Unfortunately it's possible that the FCS will never get the credit its aching for, just because it is inferior to the FBS league. In a big way.

Just check out the statistics: Since the NCAA Division I split into two levels in 1978, the FBS owns a 1838-396-18 (82.0 winning percentage) over its little brother. This includes 91 wins in 2011, which is the second-most in a single season (96).

Until the FCS can capture top tier athletes such as those of quality FBS teams, these numbers will continue to stand.

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