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College Football is Back! Time to Start Betting

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Nov 26, 2011; Los Angeles, CA, USA; Southern California Trojans quarterback Matt Barkley (7) directs the Spirit of Troy marching band in a rendition of Tribute to Troy after the game against the UCLA Bruins at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. USC defeated UCLA 50-0. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee/Image of Sport-US PRESSWIRE
Can USC cover a 43 points spread against Hawaii on Saturday?

College football is finally here! NFL football is just over a week away! What a glorious time of year. The last few months have been a barren waste land for sports bettors- sure betting baseball is fine, but you only do it because there is nothing else to bet on. Sports bettors know that things are bad when they find themselves betting on the WNBA or on Women’s Olympic Gymnastics over the summer.
We no longer need to fear. With football season on the horizon and NHL and NBA games only two months away, sports bettors can once again feast on the myriad of options we have to bet on. So let’s take a look at this weekend’s upcoming slate of games and just bet them all in a crazy super parlay that pays 5,000 to 1.
(1) USC -43 vs. Hawaii 63.5 O/U: It will be difficult for Hawaii to score more than 10 points in this game. USC will cover and the game will stay under the total.
(2) Alabama -13.5 vs. (8) Michigan 47 O/U: This will be a low scoring game, but Bama's defense will shut down Michigan and lead the tide to a cover.
(3) LSU 43.5 vs. North Texas 52.5 O/U: North Texas will not score any points in this game. But that does not mean LSU will cover the spread though. Look for the under in this one.
(4) Oklahoma -31 vs. UTEP 63 O/U: A number 4 ranking might be a bit generous coming into the season for Oklahoma. They will probably cover, but this is a spot where UTEP could score a few points and lose by 20.
(5) Oregon -37 vs. Arkansas St 68.5 O/U: This is a lot of points for Oregon to cover. The Over might be a good spot to bet on. You can easily pencil in the Ducks for 45 points by themselves.
(6) Georgia -38 vs. Buffalo 54 O/U: Georgia played LSU hard during the final weekend of last season and have only gotten better. I like Georgia to cover the first half spread. It'll probably be around 21 points.
(7) Florida St. -15 vs. Murray St: This is a toss up. Florida St. has been so erratic over the last few seasons. This is a game you should skip and only bet if you are a fan of the team.
(13) Michigan St. -7 vs. Boise St. 46.5 O/U: Boise is done. They are no longer a legitimate threat against the elite teams in college football. Michigan states easily covers.
(14) Clemson -3.5 vs. Auburn: I like Auburn here. Don't even take the points, bet the moneyline and get the extra juice.
(15) Texas -31.5 vs. Wyoming 51 O/U: 31.5 is a lot of points. I wouldn’t trust Texas to cover that spread for one second. This is a no bet, but if you had to, take Wyoming.
A Few Tips:
If you are new to betting on College football you will notice that the scores are far higher than in the NFL. It’s rare that an NFL will have a spread higher than 14 points and an Over/Under higher than 55. The College game has far more lopsided match-ups and even though the spreads are huge, the power house teams usually have no trouble covering.  It’s usually a case of men versus boys.
So don’t be scared of by these large spreads. The top ranked schools also schedule relativity easy to start the season, so a school like USC should easy cover an enormous spread like 43 points.
If you are still unsure about betting on a large spread, betting the first half spread of a game might be a good idea. The first half of a game is usually the highest scoring half and you can get a much smaller spread.
No matter what you decide to bet on this weekend, just be glad football is back and you don’t have to bet on International Hockey at 3am anymore. September is just a magical time of year! Happy betting. And remember these are just my opinions, so do some more research if you are going to actually put money on a game.

Season Record: 0-0-0
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