College Hockey Christmas Week Tournaments Wrap Up Part 2
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A Look At The Christmas Week College Hockey Tournaments

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Ledyard Bank
As mentioned in the previous blog, the Ledyard Tourney started on Sunday and it looked to be a closely fought one, because the very first game had to go to overtime to determine a winner. However, the Dartmouth Big Green pulled off the win, scoring three shothanded goals against the Army Black Knights in the process. In the second game, although Massachusetts was ranked ahead of Bemidji AND hadn’t played a game in 22 days, the Beavers dominated, doubling the Mass. Minutemen, 4-2
Monday the tourney continued on to the runner up and championship games. In the first game, Army took on the Minutement but just didn’t have what it takes. The Minutement (I love that name), perhaps stung by their defeat of the previous day, came out fighting and ready to play. The Army had a couple of great scoring chances, but failed to capitalize and lost the game, 4-1.
The Championship game, between Bemidji (another cool name) and the Big Green of Dartmouth,  was what Dartmouth needed, dominating in their own arena and taking home the trophy for the first time since 2004. They basically won the game early on, never really allowing Bemidji a chance. 

Final Standings:  Dartmouth, Bemidji, Massachusetts, Army
UConn Hockey Classic
The UConn classic started on Sunday with the opening game between Air Force and the home team of Connecticut. UConn would fight to win the host championship, sponsored by Toyota, but the game went to the Air Force in a shoot out in OT. Luckily, the game is officially scored as a tie as far as their standings in the league goes, but it wasn’t what they were hoping for.
Game two was between Merrimack and Qunnipiac and also went to OT, with Qunnipiac advancing to the final.   I know at least one fan who was VERY happy with that result!
Mnday the teams all played again, this time for the runner up and championship games. UConn played against Merrimack and again came up short. The final score was 5-2 and UConn finished up 4th in their own tournament. In the Championship game, Quinnipiac showed they came to play and to play hard. The Bobcats didn’t expect to win against nationally ranked number 11, the Air Force Falcons, but they got a chance with only seconds left in the first period and ran with it, scoring with only 6 seconds left in the first period. They were first to score in the second period as well, and followed it up with a third goal before the Falcons got on the board. Major penalties against the Bobcats near the end of the second period gave the Air Force the opportunity they needed and with a 4 on 3 advantage they scored, drawing within 2 goals of the Bobcats. In the final period, Air Force managed a second power play goal, but when they pulled their goalie to try to tie the game, the Bobcats scored on the empty net, sealing the deal and winning the Championship. By many accounts, it was the game of the week.

Final Standings:  Quinnipiac, Air Force, Merrimack, UConn
There were also some Non-conference games this week, with Nebraska-Omaha trouncing Yale 8-2 and Princeton defeating Minnesota State 5-2 on Monday. In Tuesday’s matchups, Yale rebounded, and came out victorious 3-2 over Minnesota State. Princeton continued their excellent play, dominating 5-1 over Nebraska-Omaha .
Weekend matchups start on Friday, and continue through the weekend . Polls are already up and running, so give it your best and challenge the regulars. Win in a poll and earn a trophy for your case. We’ll have another recap for you after he weekend.
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I used to like the holiday tournaments.  But they only showed the Championship game of the GLI this year! No semis or third place or anything.  I was so disappointed, especially because I was sick and slept through the Championship game.

not funny that you were sick. funny you slept thru the game.......

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 I did good for not knowing what I was betting. Tonight I bet money on Washington, Boston, and O/U on Detroit and won all 3!   Not bad for a Arizonan who only has the Coyotes here!!!


Did you know you were the VERY happy fan too?