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Sure The NHL Is Great, But Don't Forget About College Hockey [College Hockey Weekend Wrap Up]

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There were a number of non-conference games this past week, along with the conference match-ups. There were some predictable results and some upsets, but that’s the way of College Hockey – exciting to say the very least. Game play started Thursday and continued right through the weekend. Here are the results and game play on a couple of the more notable meetings.
The College hockey week started off Thursday with Holy Cross traveling to New Hampshire to take on the Wildcats. New Hampshire dominated in the first period scoring 4 goals, but the Crusaders rebounded in the second, returning the four goals. It was down to the third period with the teams tied, and the Wildcats returned to their first period domination, with Mike Sislo scoring 4 of the 5 goals in the period. Final Score 9-4.
There were games in all conferences on Friday. In the Atlantic Conference, Mercyhurst traveled to RIT where the home town advantage benefited the Tiger’s play. That and two shorthanded goals jetted them to a 6-2 win.
In the Central Conference, Nebraska-Omaha traveled to Lake Superior and brought back a win at 3-2. Notre Dame extended their winning streak to 13, bowling over Bowling Green by a two goal margin, winning 3-1.
The Eastern Conference featured only one game on Friday, with Mass.-Lowell traveling to Boston University to take on the Terriers. They were unable to put a mark in the win column. Boston U scored the victory at a score of 3-2, after a second period goal was not allowed. It was deemed a skate shot by Higgins, but Higgins would not be deterred, and scored the game winner in the third period.
The Western Conference featured three games, with the home teams victorious in two. Minnesota Duluth grabbed the two points over Michigan Tech, as did North Dakota over St. Cloud State. The Denver Pioneers, however, managed to overcome home ice advantage and stole the win from Minnesota State with three goals scored in the second period, two by forward Jesse Martin. They went in to the 3rd period leading 3-0, but the Mavericks came out strong, scoring two and coming within one goal of tying the game. It wasn’t to be, however, and Denver extended their streak to 6.
There were also 4 non-conference games on Friday and none of the traveling teams survived their journeys with wins. Atlantic Conference’s Bentley traveled to Ohio State but were punished brutally, managing only one goal on their way to a 10-1 trouncing. Atlantic’s American International also traveled Friday to Massechusetts where they received a 4-0 beating. Home team Maine celebrated victory over the visiting team from Union at 3-1, and Ferris State was victorious over Alabama –Huntsville by a score of 4-2.
On Saturday, some of the teams played the second game of their double headers, but there were also some new games on tap.
Mercyhurst played a second game at RIT but again was unsuccessful, losing by a score of 5-3.
Nebraska-Omaha was again successful over Lake Superior, by a one goal margin winning 2-1. Notre Dame played at home against Bowling Green and again scored a win, also by a one goal margin at 4-3. This game, however, started off very evenly played, and the Irish only just managed a goal in the last 30 seconds of period one. That goal seemed to break the spirit of the Falcons, but they rallied and the game was a closely fought one, almost ending in a tie. The Falcons were unable to capitalize on a scoring opportunity with 7 seconds left in the game which would have taken them to OT. That drops them to 3-7-1 in league play, and extends the Irish to 10-2-2.
In the CHA Conference, which was quiet until Saturday, Robert Morris traveled to Niagara, but Niagara shut them out, winning with 3 goals
The Western Conference featured a close game at Minnesota-Duluth which played in OT, but ended with a tie at 1-1. The other Western Conference games were not so evenly matched, with North Dakota dominating at home over St. Cloud State and winning 7-4. Denver won at Minnesota State 5-2 and Minnesota held off Colorado College at home, winning 4-1.
Again there were several non-conference games played with the home teams victorious in all games. Maine defeated Union 5-1, Bentley fell to Ohio State 3-2 when OS scored an OT goal at…..Miami won over Rensselaer 3-1, Ferris State more than doubled the team from Alabama-Huntsville, 5-2 and St. Lawrence slid past Vermont 4-3.
Also bearing some mention is the exhibition team between the US under 18 team, which traveled to Northern Michigan for the game on Saturday. They managed to score 2 goals, but Northern Michigan scored 4 more unanswered goals to win 6-2.
Sunday’s only match ups were in the Western Division between Colorado College and Minnesota and Rensselaer and Miami having a Non-Conference rematch.  Colorado jumped out to the early lead in the first period and Minnesota was unable to answer. Colorado wins 1-0. In the Miami Rensselaer rematch, Miami again dominated, with Rensselaer managing only one goal to Miami’s seven.
 So, after the weekend, the standings are here:
This close to Christmas, play will slow down a bit while students head home for the holidays. There are some games on tap for the coming weekend and of course we’ll have our usual polls on the games. The excitement continues!
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12/15/08   |   MrNFL   |   175 respect

Lots of fighting in the Ferris/Alabama game.  One of the Ferris guys got tossed for "Headbutting" which we all laughed at that call.  Even funnier, he came out in street clothes in the 3rd, and one of the guys near me said "Nice headbutt" which prompted the player to laugh like crazy.

Nice to get wins, but it was ugly for Ferris.  Penalty Kill remains fantastic, and powerplay is terrible for the Bulldogs.  Hopefully they can figure it out the second half of the season.

12/15/08   |   huskerdoug2009   |   2790 respect

I am so jealous of the fans who have been so patient and held on to their season tickets at the Air Force Academy.  I left the State in 1991 when Air Force never had more than maybe 12-14 wins a year.  Now their #12 in latest poll and have only a loss to Nationally ranked Denver U. and an ot loss to R.I.T

12/14/08   |   Debi_L   |   11862 respect

thanks Bry! It's fun to follow! AND fun to write about!
And like Steve says, watch for the polls! We even give you the standings

12/14/08   |   kramer   |   11004 respect

Awesome write-up, Deb!  I admit college hockey is one sport I know jack about, but reading this helps to see what teams are good, bad, or somewhere in the middle.  So it's a start.