College World Series On Tonight [Nightly Wrap Up]
NCAA Baseball, Nightly Wrap Up

More College World Series [Nightly Wrap Up]

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Today's blog goodness

1. Donte Stallworth gets the hammer from Goodell.
2. Looks like the Amar'e trade is off.
3. Chad Ochocinco continues to go nuts on Twitter.
4. The Knicks want them some Ricky Rubio.
5. A look at All-Star sports alcoholics.

Today's other FanIQ site goodness

1. Hmmm, I advise you not to challenge women MMA fighters. You will pay for doing so.
2. Who is the worst NFL quarterback to ever start an NFL game.
3. How much do you know about Tiger Woods? Take this quiz.

Tonight's TV goodness

Just College World Series on tonight. That is all.

College World Series: Arizona State vs. North Carolina in Omaha (ESPN2, 7 p.m.)
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6/18/09   |   kamvolleyball

they need to play more college baseball and will someone call ESPN and tell them to stop showing the same commercials