College football 2013: Lane Kiffin plans on having a job soon

Could Jim Mora and Lane Kiffin join forces?

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Lane Kiffin doesn’t expect to be sitting on his couch for much longer. Blog Photo - College football 2013: Lane Kiffin plans on having a job soon

Fired from USC in late September after a 3-2 start, the 38-year-old believes he’ll be removing the imaginary “unemployed” tag next to his name sooner than later—even if he has to settle for a little less by accepting a position as offensive coordinator.

"You’ve got to look at whatever options there are over the next couple of weeks and figure out what is the best for my family and where we’re going,” Kiffin said on The Dan Patrick Show. “I have no problem with that at all if it’s the right head coach and you can go help them and help develop kids. I have no issue with that at all.”

If that’s the case, then he could be staying close to L.A. Real close.

UCLA coach Jim Mora’s status is up in the air with the possible transition to Washington, and his current offensive coordinator Noel Mazzone is becoming a hot head-coaching prospect.

Either way, there’s the possibility of a Mora-Kiffin tag-team. It would be kind of like the D.C. Comics in which Superman (Mora) and Batman (Kiffin) put away their bitter rivalry to team up for the greater good of humanity.

Kiffin has called offensive plays since 2005, where he held the position of offensive coordinator for USC. He ran the offense when he was the head coach of the Oakland Raiders from 2007-08, Tennessee in 2009, and back with the Trojans from 2010-13.

Altogether, his offenses have averaged 30.9 points in 102 total games.

Obviously Kiffin would prefer to be the lead man somewhere, though. If he is willing to swallow his pride to become an assistant again, he certainly wouldn’t mind taking over smaller program—and potentially a cross-country move.

West Virginia, Virginia, Florida International, UMass and Hawai’I openings are imminent—among other schools—with Florida Atlantic, Wake Forest and Wyoming already on the hunt.

Kiffin is right. He’ll be coaching soon. The big question is how soon and where.

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