Colts Hilton and Luck a major concern for Patriotís defence

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FanIQ | Sports Rumors, Gossip, Blogs, News & Discussion ForumsWhen the Indianapolis Colts and the New England Patriots face off each other, the game will rest most definitely on a few plays which have the risk of going either way. Patriots defensive lineman Rob Ninkovich believes that is right and the plays which have the risk will be the factor that the match will be decided on.
"There are always three to five plays in games that are going to go either way," Ninkovich said. "So, you either make them and you win or they go the other way and you lose."
Ninkovich is a very important player for the Patriots and that pressure has only intensified as they have lost their linebacker Brandon Spikes after he sustained injury. And now the Patriots will be having a tough matchup with the Colts and the match is predicted to be tense. Needless to say, these three of five plays that Ninkovich predicted will be appearing in the match against Colts.
In the matchup these plays will most likely be led by their quarterback Andrew Luck. This will make him the most important target for them and they will strike the offense on him heavy to force turnovers. But Luck isn’t the rookie he was a year ago and has stepped up his game by a sizeable margin. Not only has he slashed the amount of interceptions by half but his throws are more precise and have thought in them.
Ninkovich agreed that Luck had improved as a quarterback and they would have to check his plays with more consistency and be prepared to meet him at a more professional level.
"This year, I think (Luck) is playing with more confidence. When you play against a strong quarterback every single day on the field,” Ninkovich said, “we're up against a smart quarterback you have to have the understanding that if you show something early, they're going to try and check to the best possible play.”
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