Colts offense is greatly improved after Trent Richardson trade

Who 'won' the Trent Richardson trade?

9/19/13 in NFL   |   Pat   |   5234 respect

Sep 15, 2013; Baltimore, MD, USA; Cleveland Browns running back Trent Richardson (33) tackled by Baltimore Ravens linebacker Pernell McPhee (90) at M&T Bank Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY SportsThe internet is abuzz with analysis and commentary on the trade that sent Trent Richardson to the Colts for a 1st round pick.

Some people think the Browns should have gotten more for Richardson, and others think they maximized his value.

Personally, I think the Browns made the best move they possibly could at this point. The notion that the Browns could have gotten more than a 1st round pick for him is almost laughable.

When's the last time you've seen a team get more than a 1st round pick for a player who averages 3.5 yards per carry? There are only a few runnings backs in the NFL that would be worth more than a 1st round pick, since most RBs have around a 3-year shelf life. Trent Richardson is not one of them.

In that sense, the Browns did as well as they possibly could.

Also, keep in mind that Michael Lombardi, the new Browns GM, didn't draft Richardson. Nor did he draft QB Brandon Weeden, who seems to be at the center of this deal. Most people believe the Browns will select a quarterback with one of their two 1st round picks in 2014.

If Lombardi isn't terribly impressed with the previous regime's draft picks, why not trade them for future 1st rounders? That's what he did here, and it could be a quicker road to rebuilding if they use their picks well.

On the flip side, this deal is outstanding for the Colts. Sure, they won't have a 1st round pick next year, but they now have a rather outstanding offense, with Richardson, QB Andrew Luck, and WR T.Y. Hilton leading the offense moving forward.

This move makes the Colts a far more well-rounded team, and their offensive physicality should be enough to give almost anyone fits.

The one who really made out the best in this deal, however, is probably Trent Richardson.

Instead of being the focal point in the offense and seeing 8 guys stacked in the box against him behind a mediocre offensive line (outside of Joe Thomas), he'll now be just another weapon in a potent offense. Instead of spending the next few years in Cleveland, the black hole of the NFL, he's going to an outstanding organization in Indianapolis that is set up to win with one of the best young QBs in football.

This should be a great opportunity for Richardson to show what he's capable of. Let's see if it's worth a first rounder.
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9/19/13   |   Scott   |   54622 respect

In the present, the Colts definitely "won" this deal.  In the future, it all depends on what the Browns do with all the picks they have in the first 4 rounds of the 2014 draft