Columbus Blue Jackets: Howson Needs To Go!

2/29/12 in NHL   |   dazzblack   |   61 respect

Some people are simply being absurd saying that the fans will turn hostile towards Nash. To understand what is going on inside Columbus, you need to have a deeper knowledge of the past 8 years of this franchise. People don’t understand that this is indeed a very complicated and tricky situation and it’s all thanks to Howson. In his 3 year tenure as the GM, he has started a rebuild plan twice and has started a load up plane twice also. Nash has been with the Blue Jackets for 8 years now and I don’t think it will surprise anyone that he has handed in a request after just 3 years under Howson; three years in which the team has been turned from just plain awful into something resembling a train wreck. He has literally laid the team out flat.

Incapable? Yes! Howson is incapable of sticking to a plan let alone a strategy. I don’t think anyone in their right mind would blame Nash for wanting to leave the Blue Jackets. This is what the New York Post said about the absolute shocker of a demand that Howson put forward:

“There is a difference though between lusting and sinning, the latter the impulse Sather ultimately resisted by rejecting Howson’s laughable demand the package include Dubinsky—plus either Ryan McDonagh or Michael Del Zotto—plus either Derek Stepan or Carl Hagelin—plus 2009 first-rounder Chris Kreider, the Boston College winger who conceivably could join the Rangers when his college season ends—plus a 2012 first-round selection.”

I was laughing when I read what another fan said about this whole scenario: “Wow, that’s some package. Why isn’t Howson asking for Lundqvist while he is at it? You’ve got to be kidding me mate.”

This is indeed true. If this is the sort of a trade Howson is looking for, I am very sorry to say that Nash might have to stay in Columbus for a little while longer. Don’t you just love Howson? It’s like a person asking for half the kingdom in return for his daughter’s hand for the prince. Okay that was lame. But you do get my point.

Now add to this the fact that Howson has made all of this public, you have one awkward situation not only for the player but also for the whole franchise. Not to mention that it tells of how poor his management skills are that he does not even know he is not supposed to publicize all of this. And how can you forget how he screwed the Jeff Carter trade. I mean that was the limit. He made a mess then and he had made a mess now. The Jackets need to go through another rebuilding phase with the player acquired from the trade of Nash but all of this needs to happen under new management. And Howson owes Nash a royal apology.

I read this on a fan forum and it resonates the thoughts of thousands of Blue Jackets’ fans: “It amazes me how much damage a single person can do to an entire team and still remain on the seat.”
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