Come on top 25

10/1/08 in NCAAF   |   FilyWily   |   0 respect

Last weekend the top 25 BCS teams all pretty muck sucked. Unless you a top BCS team were playing another top 25 BCS team, you sucked.

First of all there was overrated East Carolina. They should of never been in the top 25. Unrated NC State beat them last week in OT. Now that was a close game, but they still lost. Now saturday the lost to 1-3 Houston, 41 to 24. Now they got ther butts handed to them on that one. Therefore I do not really care about East Carolina anymore, I don't even care how good there first two games were.

Next, is my favorite game, Michigan against number 9 Wisconsin. Down by 19 at the half and they still came back and won. I'm not really a fan of how Rich Rodriguez has run there team, but he needs to produce that same second half team every game. If he does produce that type of team each week Mchigan could make it to a bowl game.

Now, USC came in against Oregon State number 1 in USC, and they blew it. 27 to 21, Oregon State came up on top. I don't know what happend to them. Were they to determined or is Oregon State going to become an underdog, becaus if they are I expect them to come up to another top rated team, undefeated Utah, and beat them this week. If they do win, I will be impressed.

Number 4 Florida was going up against 2-2 Ole Miss. Mississippi won the game 31 to 30, by a point. Ole Miss blocked the PAT that would have forced the game into overtime. In Florida, the gators lost. Now home feild advantage doesn't really exist after UCS's and Florida's performances, but Florida some lost a few games last year and still got in to a half way descent bowl game, but they lost to MIchigan.

My last game is not to crazy of an upset, but it was a good game, Alabama against Georgia. The final score was 41 to 30, Alabama. Alabama was up by 31 points at half, It hought it was over then, but when Goergia scored 10 points in the third quarter and then 20 points in the fourth I saw that Georgia could step up and win it. If they just performed as good in the first half as they did in the second they could have won.

If there were any more crazy upsets comment me. In remember all of those games were just a game, it's not like those losing teams seasons are going to crash and burn.
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