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I'm a little later than I want to be today. I'm trying to get myself off "Vegas Time", so it's an adjustment to be sure. I don't have much time to dwell on yesterday's action, but it was a good day, and the 2-0 pulled me back to 5-4 for the week (2-1 in the NBA and 3-3 with baseball). That's not stellar by any means, but it's still been a great month so far as I'm sitting at 15-8 (1-0 with college hoops, 10-4 in the NBA and 4-4 with baseball) with just one week to go in April. My, oh my! Where does the time go? Let's get to it.


THE SHOW (3-0 yesterday, 6-8 for the week and 9-11 so far for the month)

I know I covered 4 games yesterday, but because Clayton Richard was a late scratch from his start in San Francisco last night, the call is voided. That's why I'm only recording 3 games.


BUTTA (2-0 yesterday, 3-3 for the week and 4-4 so far for the month)

Braves (Medlen -175) over PIRATES (SANCHEZ) - I really can't explain how it is I'm getting Medlen in a situation where he goes against a guy like Sanchez, but I'll take it. The Bucs have shut the Atlanta offense down the last 2 nights. The Braves are due to explode, and Sanchez looks like the perfect candidate to light the fuse.



1. Athletics (Milone -125) over RAYS (HERNANDEZ) - I haven't been thoroughly impressed with Milone so far this season. He's been somewhat mundane and inconsistent, but the A's may be catching a break today as they face the brooms in Tampa. The pitcher formerly known as Fausto Carmona has done absolutely nothing to warrant either his name change, or his spot in a big league rotation.

2. PHILLIES (KENDRICK +105) over Cardinals (Westbrook) - Jake Westbrook is actually very impressive to me. This is a guy that seems to get more out of less each and every year. His stuff doesn't seem all that great, but there he is just battling away and having more success than failure whenever he gets the ball. That being said, this feels like a series split to me with Kendrick's 5-1 lifetime record and 2.23 ERA against the Redbirds.


BROOMOLOGY (6-9 ATS & 5-10 SU last week/15-20 & 14-21 so far for the month)

It's been a rough start in this category so far this season. One thing is for sure though. It will all turn around at some point, and with a whopping 8 games that fit in here, today might be the day that turnaround starts.


Road Dogs (3-3 ATS & 2-4 SU last week/9-10 & 8-11 so far for the month)

Dodgers (+1 1/2) at ORIOLES

Tigers (+1 1/2) at ANGELS

Mariners (+1 1/2) at RANGERS

D-Backs (+1 1/2) at ROCKIES

Cubs (+1 1/2) at BREWERS

Padres (+1 1/2) at GIANTS


Road Favorite (1-2 ATS & SU last week and so far for the month)

Athletics (-1 1/2) over RAYS


Home Dog (2-1 ATS & 1-2 SU for the week/2-3 & 1-4 so far for the month)

No situations today


Home Favorite (0-3 ATS & 1-2 SU for the week/3-5 & 4-4 so far for the month)

BLUE JAYS (-1 1/2) over Yankees


ALL THAT GLITTERS (9-7 ATS/8-8 SU/7-9 TOTALS yesterday and for the week and month)

1. Yankees (+1 1/2, O8 1/2) at BLUE JAYS

2. Royals (+1 1/2, U8 1/2) at RED SOX

3. Athletics (-1 1/2, O8) over RAYS

4. RANGERS (-1 1/2, U9 1/2) over Mariners

5. Indians (-1 1/2, O9) over ASTROS

6. WHITE SOX (-1 1/2, U8) over Twins

7. ANGELS (-1 1/2) over Tigers

8. ORIOLES (-1 1/2, U9) over Dodgers

9. PIRATES (+1 1/2, U7) vs. Braves

10. REDS (-1 1/2, U8) over Marlins

11. METS (+1 1/2, O7 1/2) vs. Nationals

12. PHILLIES (+1 1/2, O8) vs. Cardinals

13. BREWERS (-1 1/2, U8 1/2) over Cubs

14. ROCKIES (-1 1/2, U10) over D-Backs

15. Padres (+1 1/2, U7 1/2) at GIANTS


I just realized on the fly here that I didn't actually give you a way to identify exactly which teams I had projected to win any of yesterday's games SU. I've tried to alleviate that situation today. With each of today's games, and in the future, the team in BOLD is the team I have projected to win the game in question. Don't you just love the little kinks and bugs that have to be worked out in a new situation?

There is another doubleheader with a day/night affair in Boston as the Royals and Red Sox make up Friday night's game. I hate to say it, but neither spot looks good for my guys. It's Santana in the 1st game and Guthrie in the nightcap. Both are fly ball pitchers, and that's "uncomfortable" in a place like Fenway.


THE NBA (3-1 ATS/4-0 SU/2-2 TOTALS yesterday, 22-18/29-8/18-22 for the week and 79-60/94-39/63-76 so far for the month)

Just food for thought to get started: It was a very good day for the favorites as we opened the playoffs yesterday. The general public loves to be on a favorite anyway, and every favorite for today has been "bet up" from their opening number. I don't have any data to back it up, but it's my feeling just from casual observation over the years that when we get into the 2nd season things seem to "even out" between favorites and dogs from night to night in the NBA. All I'm saying is that from the numbers I'm looking at here in front of me, you're going to want to be very careful with the favorites today.


BUTTA (no play yesterday, 2-1 for the week and 10-4 so far for the month)

I'm not ready to pull the trigger yet, so you may be hearing from me later, but of all the aforementioned dogs on today's schedule, the most "live" of the bunch just might be the Lakers.



1. HEAT 101, Bucks (+13 1/2, U199 1/2) 89

2. Hawks (+7, O185 1/2) 104, PACERS 98

3. THUNDER 112, Rockets (+10, O213) 109

4. SPURS 108, Lakers (+8 1/2, O190 1/2) 103


Lots and lots going on today. Just the way we like it. Have a grand and glorious Sunday, be careful out there and I'll talk to you tomorrow.

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