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The NFL and giving back - not as seasonal as it seems

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Blog Photo - Giving Back (working title)We hear a lot from the media about the bad. While necessary (to a degree) nonstop bad news can be depressing, frustrating, or even downright infuriating. What we don't hear much about, unless the NFL and other leagues are pushing their "charity" primarily for image (let's be honest), is the good that the players, coaches, and organizations as a whole do for their communities. 

I'm not talking about these guys who slap their name on a charity for tax or PR purposes, or do small donations or awareness for the league promoted foundations. I mean the guys and teams who really go above and beyond for the betterment of their city. The guys who spend what little spare time they have helping others however they can. How much of this actually goes on, on a regular basis rather than just at Thanksgiving or Christmas? Well...much more than you might imagine. And it's time these guys who don't do it for the recognition got some recognition.

Starting today, I'm bringing you a weekly (at the very least) update of what's going on with teams and players around the NFL, and what they're doing for their community. From gate drives and events at the stadium, school appearances, large scale donations, big play triggered sponsored donations, to players doing something wonderful for a specific needy family. Stories like JJ Watt proposing to his biggest little fan, and Andre Johnson buying toys for local foster kids at Toys R Us, Troy Polamalu auctioning a lock of his hair to benefit veterans, among others, are heartwarming and wonderful, and will obviously be covered as well. If I have the information (it can be a challenge to find!), I will post about events prior to their scheduled date, so you can even help if you're near an area where it's happening! This blog is just the beginning.

Hit the jump to check out what's on the schedule for this week...
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Great idea Jess!

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