Concussions remain a problem in the NFL and players still ignore the dangers

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FanIQ | Sports Rumors, Gossip, Blogs, News & Discussion ForumsKansas City Chiefs wide receiver Dwayne Bowe sustained a concussion and when he talked about how he felt about it now, he said he felt fine and it was nothing serious. When asked about the usual symptoms that accompany a concussion he said that they were not serious and everything was fine and he felt fit. Still some things remain a little sketchy and a few facts about the concussion are absurd.
Bowe has already been given the green light to participate in the Chiefs wild card game against the Indianapolis Colts in Saturday. It all seems that all went well. The player did not sustain a serious injury and the franchise will have a star wide receiver back in action for the wild card game and the franchise will not be yet again under attack for concussions. The questions that remain unanswered are that how did Bowe get the go ahead to come back from the concussion in the same game in which he sustained it and still played it and why this particular case took so much time to be diagnosed as a concussion.
“It was nothing big,” Bowe said. “I didn’t feel as bad as other people felt when they had a concussion. I just felt a little tired. There wasn't any dizziness or problems with vomit or none of that stuff.”
It is normal in the NFL for a player to deem himself well enough to come back from a concussion and be allowed to return on the field if he insists. And this is a dangerous thing to do as long term effects of repeat concussions are horrifying to say the least.
The Kansas City Star on Sunday ran a headline that Jovan Belcher’s mother was filing a suit against the Chiefs franchise that her son had damaged his brain by playing football and the long term effects of repeat trauma to the head were the cause of his erratic behaviour in which he shot his girlfriend and then committed suicide. The suit claims that the Chiefs had an obligation to protect their players and either had known or should have known what was going on with him and should have taken steps to stop what happened.
Belcher shot his girlfriend to death a year ago and after than drove himself to the Chiefs main complex where he committed suicide by a gunshot to the head. He was survived by a one year old daughter. Chances are that he might have been suffering from Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy and that is caused by repeat concussion, something which NFL players have been known to suffer from. Even after that incident it remains clear that people in the NFL do not want to acknowledge the damages caused by trauma to the brain and still want to cover up the facts that encircle that issue. 
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