Costa Rica demands replay of U.S. "blizzard match" loss

Costa Rica demands a rematch of hilarious blizzard conditions loss to Team USA

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Blog Photo - Costa Rica demands replay of U.S. "blizzard match" lossNothing captures the interest of U.S. soccer fans like a -- well, actually, nothing captures the interest of U.S. soccer fans. There just aren't that many of us. That may change, though, with a blizzard of controversy regarding Friday's 1-0 U.S. soccer win over Costa Rica in a World Cup Qualifying match played in a Commerce City, Colorado snowstorm. The Costa Ricans are up in arms over the conditions in which the game was played, and now they're demanding a rematch from the FIFA World Cup governing body.

It's called "home field advantage". Deal with it, Costa Rica.

Costa Rica is not dealing with it, though, and have demanded a replay of the World Cup qualifier "snow match". The U.S. won the match 1-0, in a hilariously slip-sliding spectacle that FanIQ writer George Mon called "the most awesome soccer matchup ever".

See for your self. The extended five-minute ESPN highlight reel, featuring the eminently-listenable Ian Darke, can be seen below.

Indeed the conditions were poor. You can barely see the ball (even though it's yellow!), and Team USA were the unfortunate ones wearing the white jerseys. In a hilarious Washington Post live blog of the match, Jeff Maurer quipped that, "the blizzard is making the referees even more blind than usual," and that the pitch "looks like the surface of Tony Montana’s desk."

Blog Photo - Costa Rica demands replay of U.S. "blizzard match" lossTeam Costa Rica sees nothing to laugh about here. In a translation being widely reported in the U.S. media, Costa Rican Football Federation treasurer Rolando Villalobos reportedly said, "What happened the night of Friday the 22nd ... has no precedents, since it not only went against the sporting spectacle, but also against the physical integrity of the officials and players."

You can see on the right that the field markings are not entirely visible. That snapshot depicts some of the better field conditions of the evening. The game was stopped briefly at the outset of the second half, but officials decided to play the game on.

FIFA is at least listening to Costa Rica's protest. They acknowledged receiving a rematch request letter from Costa Rica and told ESPN they would "analyze the content of the letter and next steps will be determined in due course."

If the result stands, the U.S. remains a respectable second in the North/Central America and Caribbean group standings for the 2014 World Cup, while Costa Rica drops to last place in the group.
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Protest failed.  Costa Rica failed to follow through with the requirements for protesting field conditions.  First, the team captain must inform the match referee during the game with the opposing team's captain present.  They had the perfect opportunity to do just that in the 55th minute when the refs halted the game to decide if it should continue.  Even with the US leading 1-0 allegedly both teams wanted to play on. 

They did.

Any chance for a successful protest died at that moment.