Covenant High School Beats Dallas Academy 100-0, Then Offers To Forfeit Game
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High School Team Wins 100-0, Now Wants to Lose?

1/25/09 in HS Baseball   |   Michael_Luchies   |   17 respect

A Texas High School girls basketball team defeated an opponent 100-0 in a game early last week.  Covenant High School (a Christian school, no less) defeated Dallas Academy without allowing a single point.  This team makes the '07 Patriots look like good sports.  How could this possibly happen?  100-0!?? You can't score 5 or ten points in an entire basketball game?  The Covenant team didn't foul a girl that was in the act of shooting?  Maybe they did but the Dallas Academy team just missed every single free throw?  Unfortunately, there's no box score available yet. I would like to see a tape of this game just to believe that it's possible.  I would contend that four random members of FanIQ and I could score at least 5 points on the Boston Celtics in an entire basketball game.  I would at least score a point or two (probably by talking so much trash to Garnett that he would retaliate and get a technical, and I'd make a shot from the foul stripe). 

When asked about the 100-0 win, the head coach of the Covenant basketball team said "it just happened."  Yeah right.  Before we knew it the game was over and we won 100-0, I had no idea!..I doubt that was the case.  Remember the quote from the movie The Mighty Ducks "it's not worth winning if you can't win big".  I think the Covenant team must have had the Hawks coach for this game, and Gordon Bombay was nowhere in sight.  

I usually have no remorse for teams that lose by significant margins, but this is different.  This was a girls high school basketball game, and Dallas Academy is a 20 girl school for girls with learning disabilities. When the score is 75-0 don't you think the winning coach would say "alright ladies let's tone it down a notch?" 

I have been on the losing side of a pathetic game similar to this in my middle school days.  I played three years of football through junior high and high school and my team's combined record was 1-16 (my last game ever played is the one we won).  In my first game I was the front man right in the center on kickoff return.  In practice we never went over onside kicks, but I would soon learn that we should have.  I lost three onside kicks and recovered one in that game (two hit me in the helmet).  We lost 52-0 and I thought our coach was going to kill the coach of the opposing team.  There has to be a point, at least in high school sports, where a coach stops his team from taking away any confidence the kids on the other team have. 

So after the 100-0 loss, the Covenant team issued an apology to the other team.  After further punishment from the media and coverage all over the internet and newspapers, the team is attempting to take another step I have never heard of.  The Covenant team is attempting to forfeit the game.  This is a poor move by the high school in my opinion.  You just embarrassed a team 100-0 and now you are trying to give them the win by forfeiting?  You don't think that the team will be even more embarrassed with that win on their record?  "Yeah we won one game this year, we originally lost 100-0 but then the other team forfeited, so we actually won".  What kind of crap is that.  An apology is all you can do in this situation.  The attempted forfeit should not have happened, it's only making a bad situation worse. 

But what do you think, should Covenant have attempted to forfeit the game they won 100-0?
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2/5/09   |   cowboyskid2

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This is sad though.  I mean, there's a wrestler in our school who was facing a disabled kid in the disabled kid's last match.  The wrestler let the disabled kid win. With that, you think Covenant could have at LEAST allowed 1 point or bench it's starting players.

1/26/09   |   mk_donley   |   2554 respect

I meant Covenant I'm sorry!

1/26/09   |   mk_donley   |   2554 respect

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John 15:12- Jesus said" My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you". Did the Coventry coaching staff show love for their opponents, in that lopsided game? It sure don't look like it!

1/26/09   |   Chris   |   3 respect

fred77008 wrote:

have you read the scoop on it yet? I read it in the LA Times at work last week. The coaching staff and assistants were cheering frantically in the 4th quarter pushing their team to keep scoring and platering a defenseless team. That's like someone getting shot in the leg and you are purposely smacking it and pouring salt in it. Ahhhhhh...

1/26/09   |   Chris   |   3 respect

yes, thank you Chris for pointing out my mistake, i looked at it and went oops!, but i was on a roll and had to finish my thought LOL

Well yes, i think passion has a thing to do with the "finishing of the thought". I would've too, lol. When you have a heart for something, and want to speak out or defend it, you're going to drop it all on the table. ALL IN!

1/26/09   |   fred77008   |   17 respect

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The Coach Thinks He Did The Right Thing!!

But gets fired...

1/25/09   |   WBKsports   |   366 respect

This is just shameful and ridiculous all around. SHAME on the Covenant High School Basketball program!!! SHAME!!!

1/25/09   |   frenchy62   |   3 respect

The way I see this, the Covenant administration feels embarassed, and rightfully so. They are simply offering this forfeit as a way to try to save face. They are a Christian school who seemed to enjoy stomping all over a bunch of learning-disabled kids. That's not what Christians do. I had already read about this on Yahoo, and apparently covenant was full-court pressing and shooting threes late in the game. Let's keep in mind also that this is high school level, where it is an expectation that sportsmanship actually mean something and be practiced.

1/25/09   |   cowboyskid2

and you'd have to wear a paper bag over your head for a week if your Dallas Academy too

1/25/09   |   jeffhardy4eva72

wow it is true. check here

Maybe they scored a houndred on oklahoma city

1/25/09   |   WhoDey   |   6 respect

All I have to say is WOW.

1/25/09   |   phillydeac4life   |   20 respect

If you dont want to get blown out, then make a play.  If a team was unable to score any points in a basketball game, then it tells me that at some point that team quit.  On the other hand, if you didnt want the opposing team to score 100 points, then play some defense.  Instead of allowing a layup, foul the person, make them earn the points on the line.  Sorry, I dont feel sorry for any high school, college, or professional team that losses that bad, nor do I blame the other team.


1/25/09   |   Chris   |   3 respect

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Also, they are not forfeiting to give the other team the win, they are forfeiting the game to not be counted against the other team, and to remove their win. Basically to nullify it and make the records appear the game did not exist so to speak.

1/25/09   |   Chris   |   3 respect

NO!  You don't forfeit,  you keep playing to the best of your ability and never quit.  Yeah, it sucks to lose by 100 points but would it be any different if you lost by 90 instead. If the players are too learn anything is to never give up.  I play C/F for the Gulf Coast Barracudas a Division 3 wheelchair basketball team, I'm 45 years old and faster than a couple of 20 year olds on the team because i never stop hustling for the ball and getting down court. Our team is still learning and we've been beaten by 65+, 50+ , 40+ and so on but WE NEVER GIVE UP. It does suck to lose, but that 1st win will come and that feeling from our first win will be with me till the day i die, even though this game i play is just for FUN.
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ummm... the WINNING team wants to forfeit the game because they were embarrassed that they did that to the other team. I read it in the LA Times. "Don't give up", no $#!*, your perspective is correct, but makes no sense because the winning team wants to drop the game. They were popping 3s in the 4th and purposely scoring to reach the 100-point mark. The fans even were disgusted by their own team doing that. Instead of winning with dignity and sportmanship, they rubbed it in and wiped crap all over the loser, then stepped on them when they were down. That is classless. They should have shown the slightest bit of mercy.

1/25/09   |   ji_player_5

if i had to lose 100-0 and got to go watch a Mavericks game in Mark Cubans box it would deff be worth losing

1/25/09   |   Jubanator14   |   367 respect

You get a thumbs up for working in that Mighty Ducks quote from the jackass coach Reilly, Alright, Alright, Alriiiiiight

1/25/09   |   taylordanley   |   6 respect

that's freakin owned