Cowboys’ DeMarcus Ware to have shoulder surgery

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FanIQ | Sports Rumors, Gossip, Blogs, News & Discussion ForumsDeMarcus Ware was plagued by injuries during the second half of the regular seasons, but the Dallas Cowboys linebacker continued playing through multiple shoulder and elbow injuries in hopes of earning a winning record and taking the team on a playoffs run. But now that the Dallas Cowboys have ended the season on an 8-8 record again and are out of the playoffs, DeMarcus Ware is ready to settle the issue. The eight year pro DeMarcus Ware will undergo surgery on Thursday to repair a torn posterior labrum in the right shoulder.
The 30-year-old DeMarcus Ware’s shoulder popped in and out of place through a better half of the season, and was particularly troublesome in the final weeks of the regular season. For the last eight games, Demarcus Ware sported a brace to protect his hyperextended right elbow, an issue that developed due to the shoulder injury. However, the brace limited DeMarcus Ware’s performance.
Earlier on it was believed that DeMarcus Ware would require two separate surgeries at the end of the season to treat the injuries. But now, the Dallas Cowboys are hoping that the elbow issue will automatically subside once DeMarcus Ware has the shoulder surgery performed, with his return projected around training camp. However, if the elbow issue does not work itself out, than DeMarcus Ware could always have a minor surgery performed later in the offseason.
Since entering the NFL drafts in 2005, DeMarcus Ware has spent his entire career with the Dallas Cowboys, often leading the team in sacks over the seasons. DeMarcus Ware hasn’t registered less than 10 sacks per season since his rookie campaign, which makes him a vital piece on the Dallas Cowboys defense. His limitations due to injuries were part of the reason the Dallas Cowboys struggled defensively this season. A healthy DeMarcus Ware could have made a huge difference in the Week 16 matchup against the Washington Redksins’ phenomenal rookie quarterback Robert Griffin III.
Despite battling through injuries, DeMarcus Ware managed to again lead the team with 11 ½ sacks, 72 tackles and 33 quarterback pressures this season. DeMarcus Ware had tough luck down the stretch this season as he managed only 2 ½ sacks in the final eight games.
Struggles by the defense this season recently led to the surprise firing of Dallas Cowboys defensive coordinator Rob Ryan; but a new face on the coaching staff doesn’t really mean a threat to DeMarcus Ware’s starting job. However, rumbling of a shift to the 4-3 defense by Dallas Cowboys next season could suggest changes for DeMarcus Ware since it could impact his position.
DeMarcus Ware was named to the Pro Bowl for the seventh consecutive season. However, DeMarcus Ware will not play due to his shoulder and elbow injuries.
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