Cowboys’ Spears: Alfred Morris more dangerous on offense than RG3

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FanIQ | Sports Rumors, Gossip, Blogs, News & Discussion ForumsThe Washington Redskins offense has seen a revival behind rookie phenomenon Robert Griffin III, who’s taken the NFL by storm since being selected 2nd overall in the 2012 drafts. Robert Griffin III has made explosive plays through the air and remarkable progress on the ground all year long so that in recognition of his efforts the Washington Redskins quarterback was named to the Pro Bowl roster. Robert Griffin III beats the likes of Drew Brees (New Orleans Saints) and Tony Romo (Dallas Cowboys) for the Pro Bowl selection.
 Now, Robert Griffin III is leading the Washington Redskins (9-6) into the season finale against their division rivals Dallas Cowboys (8-7) on Sunday. Once more the burden will come down on the offense as the Washington Redskins play for a win on Sunday that could send them off into the playoffs, but Robert Griffin III wouldn’t be lone rookie fighting this battle.
The underappreciated running back Alfred Morris has been shining beacon amongst the Washington Redskins’ other rookie selections this season. After being drafted out of Florida Atlantic in the 7th Round by the Washington Redskins, Alfred Morris made a strong case for the starting running back spot and is currently a rising player amongst the NFL’s top rushers.
“RGIII is the phenom that everybody loves, but this running back (Alfred Morris) has been killing people,” Dallas Cowboys defensive end Marcus Spears passed a surprising observation on Thursday.
Alfred Morris’ production shows on the Washington Redskins stats as the team has risen to the No.1 ranking offense in the NFL. In fact, the Washington Redskins are packing twice as much rushing yards per game (162.3) compared to the Dallas Cowboys ahead of Sunday’s game.
“If you watch it from a football-game plan, as a player who’s going to play in the game standpoint,” continued Marcus Spears, “this running back is actually probably the most dangerous guy on the football team on offense.”
The Dallas Cowboys are perfectly aware of what they’re heading into after getting a taste of the Washington Redskins running game in a close Thanksgiving win at the Cowboys stadium. While the Washington Redskins’ running game has been key to their offensive success, Marcus Spears identified Alfred Morris as the catalyst who’s been ramping up their ground attack.
“That’s not to take anything away from RGIII, but when you look at the film (Morris) is averaging almost 120 yards rushing per game,” said Marcus Spears. “Usually when teams can do that they win. So we got a lot on our hands.”
Alfred Morris has 1413 rushing yards (fourth-most in NFL) and 10 touchdowns on the season. He’s been unstoppable, gaining over 100 rushing yards six times this season (including a 113-yard game against the Dallas Cowboys). But Dallas Cowboys coach Jason Garrett passed along the credit for those numbers to Washington Redskins coach Mike Shanahan, and his ability to evaluate the field as well as inspire low-draft picks to play at a higher-level.
“You go back to his time at Denver and he’s had a number of guys who have played for him that were not always high-round picks in the draft,” said Jason Garrett, “but they can come in and be really effective runner. He’s been doing that for years and years and years.”
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