Cowboys beat Giants: One last look

Sober thoughts on Cowboys beating the Giants

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Nov 24, 2013; East Rutherford, NJ, USA; Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo (9) throws a pass against the New York Giants during the game at MetLife Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY SportsThe dream is over for the 2013 New York Giants.

That's the big story roughly 24 hours after New York lost 24-21 to the Dallas Cowboys on the final Sunday afternoon in November. The numbers suggest that actually isn't the case. Big Blue is, after all, still only two games from again being tied with either Dallas or the Philadelphia Eagles in the NFC East standings. Any and all tiebreaker concerns aside, yesterday's result offered proof that the 2013 Giants just aren't good enough to hang with the best of the best of the NFC.

They're not 0-6 bad, nor are they 4-0 good. New York is, at best, average, and thus not worthy of a postseason berth.

Sober thoughts on Cowboys beating the Giants: That draw play

Fans commenting on the game via sports and social media websites and on local sports talk radio programming have continued to ask about that shotgun draw that the Giants ran on third down while inside the Dallas ten-yard line. Why, when needing close to the equivalent of a first down, would you not put the ball into the hands of Eli Manning? Why try to force a run at a point in the game when New York's rushing attack hadn't yet established dominance?

Offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride has been a victim of much criticism following the loss. I, when it comes to that particular moment, have to look at the QB. Assume, for just a second, that Peyton Manning, Tom Brady or Drew Brees get that call in that scenario.

They all audible out in that situation.

That one moment, with the Giants a completion away from tying the game, cost New York more than four additional points. A superstar QB makes sure he gets the ball in that situation. Manning, for whatever reason(s), did not do that, another regrettable miscue in what has, for player and team, been a rough season.

Sober thoughts on Cowboys beating the Giants: After the fact

There's always some trash talk from both camps in the week leading up to Dallas-New York. That's to be expected when two rivals are prepping to face off, especially before what is a pivotal game for both teams. Things got a bit out of hand within the locker room of the Giants (i.e. Jason Pierre-Paul saying there was “going to be a lot of blood spilled out there”), something pointed out by head coach Tom Coughlin after the fact.

The time for Coughlin to address this issue is not the day after his team lost at home to the Cowboys. It's one that should have been taken care of last midweek. Instead, Dallas was provided with more than enough bulletin board material, and yes, it did play a factor on Sunday.

Sober thoughts on Cowboys beating the Giants: Credit due

Dallas QB Tony Romo doesn't win the big one. It's a tale that gets told every NFL season. He has failed to do so multiple times against the Giants.

How big a win against what was, at the time, a 4-6 opponent is a matter of opinion. Romo wasn't carried to a victory at MetLife Stadium. He was given an opportunity to lead his team to a win that could change the season for Dallas, and that he did in impressive fashion. Don't look now, but Romo is, all things considered, the top quarterback in the division right now.

Now that has to last through December, a month that has largely been unkind to Romo. Assuming that won't be the case this time around, I like the Cowboys to win the division and give at least one NFC team a tough game in January.

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