Cowboys beg for home crowd support

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Jerry Jones may have a loud mouth and the urge to make false bold claims but it looks like the Dallas Cowboys fans don’t share his enthusiasm. Frankly, the Dallas Cowboys haven’t given the fans much to cheer about. Since they opened the glitzy Cowboys Stadium in 2009, the team is just 15-12 at home games.
If I were a Cowboys fan, I’d dread sitting in those seats and hide my face walking out of the stadium. But the Dallas Cowboys think they’ve figured out a way to win some homes games in advance of the big rivalry game when they host the New York Giants on Sunday.
The Dallas Cowboys are 0-3 at home against the New York Giants, which is in clears defiance of the home game advantage rule.
So the Dallas Cowboys decided to start motivate the team by pumping up the crowd. Following up on that thought, the Dallas Cowboys sent all season-ticket holders an e-mail this week as part of their “Stand Up and Shout” campaign. The email trains fans on how to cheer on their team against the visiting New York Giants, and to be specifically loud when a new third down graphic hits the video board this weekend.
“When you see the video graphic playing on the video board, get on your feet and get LOUD!” instructs the email. “Together, we can make opposing teams dread coming to Cowboys Stadium.”
 “If we all play our part, we can help give our Dallas Cowboys a true home-field advantage.”
As desperate as the Dallas Cowboys’ move may seem, the lack of home crowd support has been cited before, and was evident when they played the Chicago Bears at home earlier this month. The Chicago Bears fans were raucous and drowned the voices of the Dallas Cowboys home crowd.
"Big ups to all the Chicago fans in Dallas,” tweeted Chicago Bears wide receiver Brandon Marshall, who noted the Dallas Cowboys’ lack of utilization of the home crowd aspect. “Felt like a home game.”
"Cowboys Stadium felt like Soldier Field with all the Bear fans,” wrote Chicago Bears defender Charles Tillman. “Thanks for traveling to Dallas and showing us some love. Bear Down!!!"
So far, the Dallas Cowboys seemed to have better luck at the Texas Stadium where they won 68 percent home games. In Jerry Jones’ $1.2 billion dreamy stadium, the Dallas Cowboys have only won only 56 percent of their games.
Last year, Dallas Cowboys defensive end Marcus Camby, acknowledged that the home crowd at Texas Stadium was “way louder.”
Another Dallas Cowboys defensive end, Jason Hatcher too discreetly sounded his approval to Marcus Camby’s comments regarding the lack of support from home crowd.
 “No comment,” he said. “I got to tell the truth, but no comment.”
So what’s really been bringing down the support of the Dallas Mavericks home crowd?
Well, Dallas Morning News' David Moore noted that overwhelming size of the stadium along with the other high tech facilities available to fans such as the video board not only serve as a distraction, but also “put something of an emotional lid” on the home crowd “response.”
Former Dallas Cowboys quarterback and Hall of Famer Troy Aikman stated a few weeks ago that “Dallas isn’t so much a sports town.” The fans tend to “pull for their winners” and home crowd support slumps in losing scenarios.
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