Cowboys get Kevin Ogletree again!

3/18/12 in NFL   |   ironhide10   |   31 respect

Cowboys have finally signed in the eights and this time they have hired a player which is very much of their own! Cowboys have also paid a huge price to get something very precious indeed. To bring victory to their door step, cowboys have invested $ 650,000. Cowboys invested this mighty sum to get back Kevin Ogletree in to a deal. Kevin Ogletree has signed a one year long contract with the Cowboys. This certainly is a very good step for both the parties.
In this particular case, Cowboys luck seemed to blossom. When Cowboy approached Kevin Ogletree, he has been approached by the other team New York Giants. Cowboy’s coach however successfully convinced Kevin Ogletree to join his team as he told him that he was still of great importance to Cowboys. The coach convinced Ogle tree that he can still be the player of 3rd most important play and that is of being a receiver.
Previously, Kevin Ogletree was a restricted free agent. That is he was always available for cowboys as his preference. But unfortunately, Cowboys did not take him seriously and so Kevin Ogletree was left with no other option but to look for other teams to sign contract with. But it was not late before Cowboys realize his importance.
Now that Kevin Ogletree is back in the Cowboys side everyone seems satisfied regarding the add. Not only the fans are happy about his contract with Cowboys, he has been welcomed by others of his team mates as well specially Dez Bryant and Miles Austin. Both of them seemed overwhelmed when Cowboys signed Kevin Ogletree. Another of Cowboy’s very active and proficient receiver Garrett also seemed very happy about his return to the clad. He went quiet open in expressing his opinions about re-signing of Kevin Ogletree by the Cowboys. He said that he believes that the team is now in a much better shape as now we have one of our best companions and receive back on the board. He also said that Kevin Ogletree was one of their most favorite options to have back in team and he is really glad that he is back. 
Garrett also said that Kevin Ogletree has been with the Cowboys for three years and this gives him an edge which very few players have. In that much time team develops a relationship with the player and the player also develops a relationship with the team. This bonding shows up in the game when such an old player plays for the team, he considers his own. He also said that Kevin Ogletree has always proved himself with all the opportunities he had gotten although these chances were not many. He said that even with the limited chances, he completely proved his worth for the team and his importance also shines bright.
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