Cristiane 'Cyborg' Santos suspended for steroid use

In the least shocking MMA news ever, Cyborg tested positive for steroids

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In news that should shock exactly zero people on the planet, female MMA champion Cristiane 'Cyborg' Santos tested positive for steroids after her recent fight against Hiroko Yamanka.

There have been whispers about Santos and performance enhancing drugs ever since she came on the US MMA scene in 2008.

Between now-defunct EliteXC and now Strikeforce, Santos won 7 straight fights in dominant fashion against some of the best female fighters on the planet. Before that, she had a 4-fight win streak in Brazil.

According to the California State Athletic Commission, Santos' urine sample tested positive for stanozolol metabolites prior to her fight against Yamanka, which ended in a 16-second TKO win for Santos.

The fight result has been overturned and is now listed as no contest. She has also been suspended for a year and fined $2500.

This could have a huge impact on women's MMA in the long run. UFC president Dana White has been an outspoken opponent of women's MMA coming to the UFC. If there were ever a fighter dynamic enough to change his mind, it would be Santos.

White has, however, shown little tolerance for those who test positive for performance enhancers. Especially when it ruins the result of an important fight.

Coupled with the pre-existing suspicions swirling around Santos, this might be hard for her to recover from.

On one hand, that could put a damper on women's MMA. Or, now that some others have a fighter's chance of winning a championship, it could bring back big names (and prettier faces) like Gina Carano, which could lead to a resurgence in the sport's popularity.

Either way, let's just say I'm not surprised.
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I'm pretty sure she tested positve for a penis as well...

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That picture made me throw up a little in my own mouth.

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So y'all don't like that?

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 A needle is about the only thing "going in" that body...gross