Cristiano Ronaldo records own-goal in Real Madridís shock defeat to Granada

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Blog Photo - Cristiano Ronaldo records own-goal in Real Madridís shock defeat to Granada
Jose Mourinho stood helpless by the sidelines as Real Madrid lost 1-0 to relegation-threatened Granada on Saturday. A toothless performance from Real Madrid’s attack saw the La Liga champions falter in front of one of the most mediocre team in the league.
The unsettled Bernabeu boss confessed his men were “horrible” and “tired” against Granada. To top it all, Real Madrid themselves provided Granada with the winner when their crown jewel Cristiano Ronaldo headed the ball past goalkeeper Diego Lopez on a corner kick in the 22nd minute of the game.
Cristiano Ronaldo scored the first own goal of his professional career as Real Madrid fell to their fifth La Liga defeat this season. Jose Mourinho’s side are now 16 points behind La Liga leaders Barcelona. The defending champions are seven points behind second-placed Atletico Madrid, which means Real Madrid could end the season third-placed.
“I think the result is fair. There have been too many defeats,” Jose Mourinho said in his post-game press conference. “Granada did their job, they scored their goal. They defended in the second half with all of their heart and soul. They have a new coach, new players and had a great night of football here with Real Madrid in front of them. They did everything that they could to get this result.
“We should have scored a goal but because of the great effort that Granada made, I think that the three points have gone to the team that deserved them.
“The negative result is always the most important. We didn't even manage a draw. That is what bothers me about the result, but the team's first half performance bothers me a lot, it was horrible. In the second half we dominated and we had a chance to equalize but it was not enough to satisfy me.”
Jose Mourinho launched an attack against reporters as well for questioning his tactics and methods. The Portuguese accepted blame for Real Madrid’s loss, but didn’t consider himself as the sole reason behind the defeat.
“The buck stops with me. You lot always say that same thing,” Jose Mourinho said. “When we win and we play well then it happens on its own but when we don't it is the coach's responsibility. Today we lost and did not play well. Today it didn't happen on its own, today I'm the one responsible.”
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