Cristiano Ronaldo still a huge fan of hookers

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Prostitution, for the most part, is looked down upon here in the United States. But in other places it's a little bit more socially acceptable. Like Europe. And quite frankly, that's great.

Why, you ask?

Well, with prostitution being a bit more ok over there,  there's an average of 1.3 hooker orgy scandals per week involving Premier League stars, such as Cristiano Ronaldo. Actually, that number may just be Ronaldo's average.

Yes, the Man U star is in trouble yet again for paying women to, uh, well, you know what I mean.

He slipped away to Italy after United's FA Cup victory over Aston Villa on Sunday and made a beeline for Rome's Red Light District where he and a friend got busy with two women.

Only four months ago Ronaldo hired five hookers for a sex bash with Portuguese teammate Nani and Brazilian colleague Anderson at his home outside Manchester. And in 2005 he was falsely accused of rape by a prostitute after having sex in his suite at London's Sanderson Hotel.

I may be going out on a limb here, but I'd say Ronaldo seems to be partial to hookers.

What's odd about this is that Ronaldo has had an awful lot of insanely attractive girlfriends. And he's also a worldwide soccer star, which would make one think that he doesn't really need to pay for it.

But hey, we all have our vices, right? My vice is I blog about sports so much that I have no friends.

Me > Ronaldo.
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1/14/08   |   Seth   |   301 respect

Maybe his real vice is dives, both taking them on pitch and frequenting them off the pitch.