Cristiano Ronaldo to become world’s highest paid player again – Real Madrid pondering over a £400k contract

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Blog Photo - Cristiano Ronaldo to become world’s highest paid player again – Real Madrid pondering over a £400k contract
Cristiano Ronaldo wants to break the barrier for the highest paid footballer in the world once again. A number of media sources have stepped forward claiming Cristiano Ronaldo wants to become the first footballer to earn £400,000 a week.
A source from ESPN was the first to break this astounding news, which now makes the football community wonder if Cristiano Ronaldo’s problems with Real Madrid were based on financial issues after all.
Just to be clear, Cristiano Ronaldo has clause in his contract which asks Real Madrid to make him the highest paid footballer in the world. The clause states that Real Madrid should offer Cristiano Ronaldo an improved contract in case another player becomes the highest paid footballer in the world.
Cristiano Ronaldo has spoken about his “sadness” and “unhappiness” at Real Madrid in recent press releases. The former Manchester United forward has refused to offer a reason behind his suffering, still he has labelled Real Madrid responsible for the fiasco.
In the midst of all this, Manchester City and Manchester United expressed interest in signing Cristiano Ronaldo. When time came to put a price tag on Cristiano Ronaldo both teams backed off from the idea of acquiring. Paris Saint-Germain showed interest in signing in Cristiano Ronaldo, but Real Madrid claim no offers or official interest ever came from the mega-rich French club.
The punitive tax laws in Spain are taking a huge chunk of Cristiano Ronaldo’s current contract. The 27-year-old Portugal international is not happy about cutting down his £250,000 a week salary, which is why Cristiano Ronaldo was looking for a move abroad.
Real Madrid insist Cristiano Ronaldo is going nowhere and the striker himself is scoring goals like a well-oiled machine once again, but that doesn’t change Cristiano Ronaldo’s feelings about making an exit from Santiago Bernabeu.
Cristiano Ronaldo entered Spain in 2009 with a £200,000 a week salary, which made him the highest paid football player in the world. However, the Portuguese has fallen down the pecking order since. Samuel Eto'o, Didier Drogba, Neymar, Wayne Rooney and Lionel Messi all have better contracts than Cristiano Ronaldo right now.
Real Madrid currently owns half of Cristiano Ronaldo’s image rights. Therefore, it seems fair for the poster boy to demand an increment in his contract. Moreover, Cristiano Ronaldo has overtaken David Beckham in terms of jersey sales.
Cristiano Ronaldo is in contract with Real Madrid till 2015 and his buyout clause is so big that it would empty a humongous chunk of treasure from the banks of Manchester City, Paris Saint-Germain or Chelsea.
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