Cuban will pick “trophy” over “money” any day

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Business-wise the Dallas Mavericks have been doing a lot better since the end of the NBA lockout, but Mark Cuban doesn’t see that success translating on court for a potential championship run.
According to reports the Dallas Maverick owner Mark Cuban raked-in profits last season for just the second-time since he took ownership of the franchise. And now, if the Dallas Mavericks make the right moves again with the approaching trade deadline, Mark Cuban could take a few figures off the books to turn this season profitable to business again. But it’s not necessarily all about money. Mark Cuban also holds in high regard the standard sports fan’s methods of mapping out a franchise’s success.
“I’ve got money,” said Mark Cuban on Monday. “I like that trophy a hell of a lot more than I like money.” 
The 54-year-old billionaire has other operations that primarily determine success based on profits. While money and sports have always been in the mix, Mark Cuban would prefer not to sabotage the Dallas Mavericks’ success and chance at winning titles based on money issues. And so the team demands all the attention that a full-time assignment would require.
“I don’t ever plan starting with the bottom line and work backwards,” said Mark Cuban. “I always plan (starting with) what we can do to win and work backwards.” 
However, some disgruntled fans would contest that the words coming out of Mark Cuban’s mouth don’t exactly match his decisive measures over the team’s future. The case presents itself in the Dallas Mavericks decision of dismantling a title team and depriving it of all talent by letting center Tyson Chandler and other key assets walk away in free agency, instead of taking the stakes with a few lucrative contracts.
Pursuing other options instead of locking the high value targets will bring the Dallas Mavericks safely under the salary cap this season. Last year the Dallas Mavericks were hit by a $2.7 million luxury tax, still considerably lower than his past seasons since attaining ownership of the team. But Mark Cuban’s decision was designed to kill two birds with one stone. Not only would the moves steer the Dallas Mavericks clear off luxury tax, it also provided financial flexibility to restructure an aging roster that could be back in contest with hopefully a few elite players.
Considering the recent roster, that plan hasn’t exactly covered all areas yet, but Mark Cuban’s commitment towards the team rather than just garnering profits indicates the Dallas Mavericks could reach that point sometime soon.

“You operate as a business from the perspective of your customer. You want to give the best service, create the best atmosphere, make everybody happy,” said Mark Cuban. ‘But I’ve made money and lost money, won games and lost games. Losing games hurts a whole lot worse than losing money.”
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