Curse of the Bambino? Nope, it was the Billy Goat afterall.

10/18/06 in MLB   |   TheDondino   |   respect page 2's Uniwatch column has uncovered a photograph showing Bill Buckner was wearing a Chicago Cubs batting glove beneath his 1st basemens mitt on the fateful night of October 25th 1986.  This was the night he let Mookie Wilson's routine grounder go by, right under his mitt allowing the New York Mets to go on and win the 86' World Championship and the Red Sox to lose their best chance at reversing the curse of the Bambino once and for all. 


It turns out the curse of the Billy Goat reached out it's hideous hoof all the way from Chicago to bring misery to the Red Sox nation that night.  I guess one long suffering fandom wasn't enough.

(ESPN Page 2) Photo reveals double curse in '86

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10/18/06   |   TheDondino

Next we'll find out that the paper Sports Illustrated uses for its covers is actually old recycled Cubs programs.

10/18/06   |   CriticalFanatic

And Sweet Lou doesn't believe in curses ... (shaking my head)