Cutler and the Bears go down against the Texans

The diary of a livid Bears fan

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Allow me to preface by stating that big picture tonight's loss against the Texans didn't mean much at all. The Bears are still 7-2 and in good position to win the division and perhaps attain a first round bye.

Now to my misery. I'm still nauseous from the fact that with the exception of one deep pass that was completed to Brandon Marshall, Bears backup QB Jason Campbell did not try to win a football game. He continued to check down and made nothing happen. I was screaming at the TV as I watched him give up on anything longer than 5 yards. It was painful. Didn't the Bears bring Campbell in so they could be in better position should Cutler get hurt for an extended period of time as he did last year?

Nov 11, 2012; Chicago, IL, USA; Chicago Bears quarterback Jason Campbell (2) throws a pass during the second half against the Houston Texans at Soldier Field. The Texans won 13-6. Mandatory Credit: Dennis Wierzbicki-US PRESSWIREDid anyone get the impression after watching Campbell tonight, that the Bears could even win a football game from the QB position? Caleb Hanie, albeit awful for the most part--at least took shots and made the defense stay somewhat honest. The entire second half Wade Phillips dared Campbell to throw the football by sticking 8 guys in the box. I heard Donovan McNabb worked out in the off-season and looked good but didn't get a call. Are you telling me McNabb could be any worse than Campbell?

Campbell looked scared and appeared to fear being the goat as opposed to the hero. I don't want that mentality on any team I root for. I loved that Cris Collinsworth repeatedly called Campbell out for missing plays down the field. He just seemed content not to force anything. Now I'm not asking him to have the same gunslinger mentality that Cutler has, but please, for the love of god--throw the football more than 5 yards. I bet Herm Edwards would love Jason Campbell's effort tonight. I never thought Campbell was playing to win the game.

I would rather have a homeless man with AIDS bleed directly into my mouth than watch Jason Campbell throw one more pass in a Bears uniform.

Is there a worse starting tight end in the NFL than Kellen Davis? He can't block, can't catch--WTF is his purpose on the football field? Are you telling me the backup tight ends are worse? Can the Bears consider making a change? I really miss Greg Olsen.

The offensive line continues to be embarrassing. Now you ask how is that possible considering they didn't Oct 1, 2012; Arlington, TX, USA; Chicago Bears tackle Gabe Carimi (72) on the bench during the game against the Dallas Cowboys at Dallas Cowboys Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Matthew Emmons-US PRESSWIREallow a sack against the Texans? Well, Cutler was constantly escaping a collapsing pocket, which essentially caused his concussion. He was running for his life while in the game. Last year's first round draft pick Gabe Carimi either needs help from a running back, tight end, or another lineman. Now I know he was opposite freak pass rusher JJ Watt, but Carimi is a disaster every week. The Bears appear to have no clue when drafting offensive lineman. Whatever happened to 2008 first round pick Chris Williams. Oh yeah, that's right--he was recently released. Nice f***in job front office.

The funny thing about the game itself, was the Bears committed 4 first half turnovers and only trailed by 7 at the half. In most cases a team is down at least 2 scores. The sickening but yet somewhat encouraging part is all 4 turnovers occurred in Texans territory--so the Bears moved the football. Obviously the weather played a part in how sloppily the game was played on both sides. The major difference being the Texans have an offensive line and Arian Foster, who scored the lone Touchdown of the game.

By the way, does Arian Foster have Nazi ties in his family? I'm just saying. I still can't believe the success he's had in this league when I think back to his years at Tennessee and how mediocre he was. Great story he is.

Matt Schaub, who air mailed several passes, made the one great throw when it mattered. Lance Briggs was with Foster all the way and Schaub just put it in the perfect spot, and Foster made a great catch and held on as he hit the ground. That was all the Texans needed on the night to win the game.

The Bears D was great again--not much more they could do. Well, they did fail to return either interception for a touchdown. There's a good chance the Bears could have both starting cornerbacks, Jennings and Tillman, making the Pro Bowl. Jennings now has a remarkable 8 interceptions on the season.

Even if Jay Cutler doesn't play next Monday night at San Francisco, the Bears could still have a 7-3 record, and have everyone healthy going into their last 6 games. Last year they were 7-3 and then lost Cutler and Forte. I hope this team doesn't get burned by injuries again. It would be a shame not to see how far they can go when healthy. And I mean the core players being healthy. Obviously injuries are apart of football, but some are far more significant than others.

F*** YOU Jason Campbell!


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