Cuttino Mobley sues New York Knicks over retirement

Broken heart: Mobley sues Knicks over alleged forced retirement

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Former NBA-journeyman Cuttino Mobley is suing the final team he played for, the New York Knicks, for allegedly forcing him to retire because of a heart condition reports Howard Beck of the New York Times. Mobley suffered from a heart problem in 2008 and retired, saving the Knicks a lot of salary cap space.

Beck on Twitter:

The Mobley lawsuit is somewhat surprising. He indicated no resistance to retiring in Dec. 2008, when Knicks flagged his heart condition.

This was Mobley's quote in Dec. 2008: ``Getting the MRI basically saved my life."

In statement, Knicks say they are "extremely disappointed" in Mobley's lawsuit and are "confident Cuttino’s claims have no merit"

Alan Hahn, the Knicks' writer for Newsday, added that this isn't all that surprising because Mobley has been trying to resurrect his career for two years. He also said that in the Knicks' statement the team said that Mobley's retirement was a "significant setback" to the team.

In other legal news, the NBA players filed suit against the NBA today in federal court.

And the lockout goes on...and on...and on. 

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